The flavours of modern Iloilo at Punot

Rainy August 9 evening found us feasting on modern Ilonggo dishes at Punot Restaurant in Boardwalk.
Charming owner, Andrea Aranador was on hand to explain to media guests that Punot serves Ilonggo versions of other popular cuisines.
“For example, the Inasal Papaya Salad. It is an Ilonggo version of the Thai Papaya Salad. Another is Native Chicken Pandan, which has Thai origins but cooked in our own version,” she said.
Punot, which is originally from Estancia, is known for its meals, but Aranador said they are now serving snacks. “There’s pasta, pizza and sandwiches,” she said.
Interestingly, they have Pasta Dinagyang, which is Capellini in black seafood sauce. Another unique feature is Tsokolate Pizza, thin crust dough topped with cocoa, nuts and ice cream.
Punot treated us with Seafood Prito Fritos (appetizer), Kasag y Mais (soup), Pork Sisig, Lechon Belly; Kadyos, Ubad kag Manok; Patotim with Kalabasa Mash, Chicken Pandan, Pomelo Salad, Beef Steak, Laswa with Tempura Topping, Tilapia Fillet, Crabs, Turon Sticks and Tsokolate Pizza.
The word “punot” refers to fish pen and the restaurant is the first venture of Andrea and her brother Chef Tope.
They are no strangers to the restaurant business because their parents, Lea and Rodrigo established the successful “Friends” in 1997 and “Punot” in 2000 in Estancia, Iloilo.
Chef Tope is a graduate of the Center of Culinary Arts and had worked  in Zenaris Restaurant in Canada, Mandarin Oriental, Stella and Madison Restaurants in Manila.
Meanwhile, Andrea is an advertising executive in Singapore. She has handled big accounts like Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Motorola and Kraft.
Establishing Punot in Iloilo City has been the siblings’ long-time dream.
Punot Restaurant is open from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. For reservations, contact 0949.839.4002 or 320.98.93.*

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