Here are ways Ilonggos can help the economy

There are several attainable ways that Ilonggos can do in order to help the Philippine economy progress and be competitive, according to the former chief of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

“According to a book of Ruchin Sharma, the Philippines is the new economy to watch, like Turkey and Indonesia. But Filipinos have to do their share,” Dr. Cielito Habito said.

First, Filipinos should demand good governance from its political leaders, but we should also deserve it.

In the midst of protests against the pork barrel system in government, Habito shared that a friend told him, “Bakit sila nag-iingay eh nagastos na?”

“This is not the attitude that will get our nation anywhere. We get the leaders that we deserve.  So, invest on good political leaders. Solita Monsod said that if we abolish the pork barrel, there is no need to spend millions for campaigning,” he said.

Sharma said the quality of political leadership is crucial to becoming a breakout nation,” he said.

Second, stabilize the economy.

“Pay the proper taxes. Too bad, many are still evading paying taxes. Also, buy locally or Filipino products. My family buys from Los Banos, Laguna because that’s where we live, not Manila. So, Ilonggos should buy from Iloilo,” Habito said.

He also advised businessmen to invest in Mindanao “and help stop its vicious cycle of backwardness.”

Third, discover the Philippines first before other countries.

“Instead of going to Hong Kong, visit Bohol or other Philippine destinations,” he said.

Fourth, invest on a poor family.

“One out of five families is poor. It takes only one of every four non-poor to adopt a poor family. But don’t give them fish but teach them how to fish. Nurture somebody directly, don’t pass it through a non-government organization,” he said.

He also urged businessmen to nurture a poor family’s small enterprise.

“Share your own entrepreneurial gift. Take it as your personal challenge. The caring and sharing becomes more meaningful,” Habito concluded.*

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