Iloilo City signs Climate Change Pact

Groups like MISSION (Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies Through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking) of which I am a member, are yearning for policies and programs that push for sustainability in our community.
So, this development (see story below) comes as a good news.
As we take steps towards sustainability, may these baby steps include "walking the talk" through the kind of lifestyles that we lead.


Iloilo City signs Climate Change Pact

Stakeholders from the government and private sector signed the “Iloilo City Declaration on Climate Change Actions” at the end of the two-day Citywide Consultation for Local Climate Change Action Planning Nov. 11-12.
The commitment signing was prelude to the actual mainstreaming of the climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies in the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan.
“The body has finally reached a level of commitment to plan and act accordingly to confront and mitigate the effects of climate change in Iloilo City and its immediate environs,” Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog said.
“What we signed are not just deeds of commitment; they are also statements that advocate particular pathways, and stress we have choices to make and courses of action to pursue with determined effort to keep the effects of climate change in check,” he added.
The mayor led the signing together with representatives from the barangay/community, business, civil society, people’s organization, non-government organizations, academe, religious, and local and national government sectors.
The two-day consultation presented the results of the vulnerability and adaptation assessment conducted by the City Government with the support of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat).
The different sectors then each came up with strategies, interventions and activities that will make for a more adaptive and resilient city when it comes to hazards, primarily flooding, drought, typhoon/storm surge and sea level rise.
Maria Adelaida Mias-Cea, regional coordinator of UN-Habitat for Asia and the Pacific, said “a plan is just a plan unless we take a step towards its implementation.”
“Let’s make Iloilo City a champion in sustainable development,” she urged the local government.
“Climate change signifies more intense typhoons like Frank, Ondoy, Pablo and, lately, Yolanda. We can no longer just pay lip service to it, else such typhoons will become a way of life - a way of life that will be deadly, fatal and destructive for this generation and for generations yet to come,” stressed Mabilog. (Lucy Montealto-Sinay/Iloilo City PIO)

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