How to attract positive energy in your life

Oftentimes, we hear some people referred to as “saints” because they seem to have been gifted with positive traits - compassionate, intelligent, creative, healthy, positive aura and they attract good fortune.

The secret is Arhatic Yoga, which was derived from the word “Arhat” which is a Buddhist term for “saint” and from “Yug” which means “union with God”.

“The main purpose of Arhatic Yoga is to have oneness with God,” said Arhatic Yoga practitioner and pranic healer Alfonso Ma. (Pons) Parreño of Pranic Healing Foundation of the Phiippines-Westen Visayas Pranic Healing Center(PHFP-WVPHC) Estrella Bldg., Brgy. Simon Ledesma, Jaro, Iloilo City.

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui 
developed Arhatic Yoga 

He said it was a spiritual teacher, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino-Chinese from Cebu, who developed this.

“Arhatic Yoga develops your lower and higher faculties. For example, your different kinds of intelligences – creative, abstract, mental, intuitive, among others – are developed. It develops you into becoming a good-hearted, powerful, compassionate and intelligent divine servant,” Parreño quoting Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

This spiritual technology, which is part of a curriculum offered by the PHPF-WVPHC, includes techniques to enhance devotion to God and the Spiritual teachers, Inner purification through character building, breathing techniques, physical exercises and different kinds of meditation that serve this purpose.

“By doing this, you become more spiritually magnetic. Your energy becomes cleaner, bigger and brighter. Based on the law of attraction, when your aura is bright, you attract the same quality of energy,” Parreno explained.

Before Parreño became a pranic healer, he was engaged in a life of vices like smoking and drinking, which are generators of negative energies. This lifestyle has affected his memory and character.

But eversince he became a pranic healer and practiced Arhatic Yoga, he noticed that his memory has become better, his character improved a lot and all the vices were totally stopped.

“My memory improved. I can think fast and I can easily connect things that I hear. I developed accurate perception and correct expression at a certain degree. I could also feel the effects energetically. I no longer get sick. Arhatic Yoga is also a higher level of healing practice which includes the different aspects, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual,” he said.

Because Arhatic Yoga increases a person’s different kinds of intelligence, this practice is ideal for decision makers such as businessmen and public servants.

He shared the experience of the Valencia family that manages Cefekur, a garments business in Oton.

“It started with their only child learning pranic healing. Then, everyone in the family enrolled. Then, their personnel enrolled, too. After that, the number of their staff increased, they experienced financial ease and demand for their products and services increased. Now, eight members of the family are Arhatic Yoga practitioners. Even the mother’s behaviour has changed. You know how it is when you are a boss, you tend to be firm and hard because of the stresses in managing a business. But now, she’s better, their relationships became better. Even their personnel started to help each other. Even their relationship with God has improved. They do regular Meditation on Twin Hearts,” Parreño narrated.

Even priests and nuns have benefitted from Arhatic Yoga. “They have become clearer about their mission. They were able to understand it more deeply,” he said.

Parreno explained that many practices in the Roman Catholic Church can be explained by Arhatic Yoga.

“You begin to be aware of the effects of the rituals. Now, when you pray, you know that you’re not just talking to God but you are aware that there is divine energy coming down to you which you can use in many ways.”

The practice of Arhatic Yoga is by invitation only and it has prerequisites like the two-day Basic Pranic Healing seminar, two-day Advance Pranic Healing seminar, two-day Pranic Psychotherapy seminar and two-day Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul seminars as well as the practice of these technologies in one’s life.

“Then if you are interested to practice Arhatic Yoga, you have to apply. A screening committee based in Manila will, at a distance, measure or scan your energy,” Parreño said.

He explained that one has to be pure at a certain degree in order to enrol in the course, because Arhatic Yoga magnifies everything.

“If you are not pure, it will magnify the negative energies,” he said.

If a person passes the energy test, he/she will get an invitation letter to study Arhatic Yoga.

“The techniques in Arhatic Yoga develop your connection with God. Whatever your religion is, as long as you believe in God, this will develop your devotion to God and to your spiritual teacher, promote good health, achieve better quality of life by attracting the energy of good relationship, happiness, prosperity, and abundance and success,” he concluded. (Marie Katherine Villalon)

* * *

PHFP-WVPHC offers courses on Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul. You may also join their daily Meditation of Twin Hearts at 6 pm daily for free. For inquiries, contact 0918.3504.963 or 0927.3251.503.

Western Visayas Pranic Healing and Training Center
2nd Floor Estrella Building, Simon Ledesma Street, Jaro, Iloilo City, 5000
Phone numbers: 33 333 0907 | 0918 350 4963 | 0927 325 1503

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