Greeting cards from discarded boxes

Persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Iloilo turn old cardboard boxes into useful greeting cards and envelopes and they export these to Japan, proof that the sector is self-reliant and successful if given the chance.
“We call this the Case by Case project,” said Annabelle Dumdum, public relations officer of the Association of Disabled Persons of Iloilo, Inc. (ADPI).

Greeting cards and envelopes made from recycled cardboard boxes

“This project is interesting. It looks ugly when you haven’t started yet, but the product is beautiful,” she added.

They cut the boxes and then soak them in a water-filled basin for 30 minutes. Then, they gradually detach the cardboard layers to come up with thinner sheets.

There are two kinds of cardboards, the corrugated and the plain. The former is used for the envelopes while the latter is used for the cards.

When the thin sheets are ready, they iron each one until they are smooth and fine.

When the cards are ready, they apply the designs.

“These products are exported to Japan. We feel so lucky because this project has gone international,” Dumdum enthused.
Annabelle Dumdum, 
public relations officer of ADPI

Dumdum is also excited about a new recycling project that was introduced to the association.

“We were recently trained how to make wallets out of tetra pack foils,” Dumdum said.

The training was facilitated by Mary Gail Buñol, a candidate for Miss Education 2013 of West Visayas State University last December 12. The candidates were asked to initiate an advocacy. Being a Special Education student, she chose the tetra pack recycling training as her project.

“It’s a very easy project. Luckily, the beneficiaries already have a background in sewing. We were taught how to make wallets. We were like high school students again, comparing who had the best stitching,” Dumdum said.

“We can see ourselves doing this as a livelihood project in addition to Case by Case. We are also excited about doing bags soon,” she added.

The plan is just in time for the revival of their women PWDs group who will handle the project next year.
“We already have a sewing machine waiting,” she concluded. (Marie Katherine Villalon, Email:

Tetra packs turned wallets

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