Marian Rose Mission gives Ilonggos better future

Charity, the practice of benevolent giving and caring is what the Marian Rose World Mission has been doing since their existence. The Marian Rose World Mission is an international organization helping individuals around the world. Their mission is to provide quality health care, education, and livelihood programs to all people in the community that are in dire need.

Through the years the Marian Rose World Mission has helped changed the lives of thousands of individuals in many parts of the world. Focusing on health and wellness, the group sends out their volunteers around the globe to offer medical services.In the Philippines, specifically in Iloilo City, the Marian Rose World Mission partners with St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo, LIG Global Foundation and the City Government of Iloilo to conduct a free medical and surgical operation to persons who cannot afford it themselves starting January 7-10, 2014.
A group of foreign volunteers comprising mainly of doctors and nurses are coming here to partner with St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo. Having the same goal of providing direct service to the poor, this yearly partnership is being anticipated not only by St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo but most especially of the individuals who will become the recipients of this mission.
Education and livelihood programs are also some of the areas that the group has given priority. Using a holistic approach for the betterment of the community, the Marian Rose World Mission is committed to serve and help the underprivileged to aid them achieve both health and financial wellness. Recipients of the programs can attest what has changed in their lives after the Marian Rose World Mission has helped them. Poverty and social status is not a hindrance to anyone who wanted to make a difference in their lives.
The Marian World Mission will be true to its mission of treating others with respect and dignity.No matter what your culture, beliefs and practices are, if you deserve to be helped, you will surely get it. Young and old of different races with less in life are indeed has a lot to thank for because of the Marian Rose World Mission. (Source: SPHI)

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