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Football and the underprivileged youth

Globe Telecom together with its sports ambassador Azkals Team Captain Chieffy Caligdong kick off Football Para Sa Bayan 2014, a grassroots program for youth from underprivileged communities which also features key movers in the football scene who are committed to nation-building.

The event will be launched through football tournaments in Metro Manila and Iloilo on February 22 and March 8-9, respectively.  The Metro Manila event will be held in partnership with the Philippine Navy at the Fleet-Marine football grounds in Taguig City while the one in Iloilo will be conducted in Sta. Barbara, about 16 kilometers from the city proper.

“The festivals will serve as a platform where in kids, regardless of their socio-economic background can enjoy the sport of football. At the same time, these events can serve as an inclusive platform for socially advantaged and less advantaged teams to interact and work together. We also want to capitalize on the sport to achieve our desired impact:  for childr…

A love letter

(Sharing a beautiful article from Ms. Gigi Sy)
There are so many things to say and there’s this desire to do things with you. With so much passion I long for that day to come; that I may be able to tell you how I feel, what I think, to share with you my happiness and to cry on your shoulder when I’m blue…without holding back any emotion, with no inhibitions and strain. 
I begin the day feeling anxious…are you going to call; do I wait? Or do I just let the day go by, not questioning…and just linger in silence not knowing when to see you again. I’m torn between carrying on with this excruciating feeling of pain and letting go of this thrilling fervour; the quite happiness and be crazy in love with you in the most covert way.These are unspoken truths. Undeniably, I love you. No man can take that feeling away from me. No matter the consequences, it is mine. From the time we met, I never stopped thinking of you. You were this sweet “brother” I know who talked sense. You befriend anyone you m…

Travel smart with Iloilo My Guide

It was in the years between 2002 and 2006 when I embarked on yearly travels in some parts of the Philippines. I did not get a travel guide because I preferred to do the research and bookings myself. Add to that the thrill of making last minute decisions, say, just getting on a ferry to the next island out of impulse.
For similar travelers and those who are equipped with android phones, there is good news. Well, at least for those who are travelling to my beautiful corner of the globe, Iloilo City. That good news is the digital Iloilo My Gude
The phone app was released last year in Cebu by InnoPub Media, a Cebu-based, all-journalist team co-founded by Max Limpag, editor of a Cebu newspaper. InnoPub produces new media products like e-books and takes advantage of tech to deliver content in new ways like QR (quick response) code scanning. They also produce content for clients as well as conduct trainings on writing and web technology.
The app for Iloilo displays…

Anti-drug campaign goes to city public high schools

The information education campaign of the City Government against illegal drugs is in full swing as the Task Force on Anti-Drug Abuse and Education goes around public high schools here.

The Task Force is under the Iloilo City Anti-Drug Abuse Council, headed by Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog.

“We have put this campaign into motion to raise the awareness about illegal drugs in our schools, where students and youth are the primary targets of drug pushers,” he said.

Nine out of 13 city public high schools so far have benefited from the anti-drug symposium.

Officials of the barangay where the schools are located are also attending the symposium.

“We are pleased of their response and participation especially that barangay officials are expected to be in the frontline in our war against illegal drugs,” Mabilog stated.

Speakers from the City Government, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and Iloilo City Police Office, discuss topics on Drug Situation per district, Reasons Why Young People Turn to Dru…

P5.5M birthing clinic in Zarraga opens

The P5.5-million birthing clinic in Zarraga town has opened.

The birthing clinic aims to reduce the maternal and neonatal deaths in the town by improving the delivery of maternal health care services to pregnant and lactating mothers.

The project, which is realized through the efforts of Zarraga Mayor John Tarrosa, is built with the support of the provincial government and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

The improved condition of the birthing clinic will also help the town secure accreditation from the Department of Health and PhilHealth.

The inauguration will be led by Governor Arthur Defensor and his wife. After that, the couple will proceed to Concepcion to lead the distribution of 120 fishing boats to typhoon victims in Northern Iloilo.

Defensor said the fishing boats are among those donations coming from One Meal, One Opportunity Program of Teresita “Nene” Chan under the province’s “Adopt a Fisherman Program”.

Chan previously pledged to donate 1,000 fishing …

SM scholar beats the odds to achieve his dreams

Fritz Mendez will graduate this March 2014 from his Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology course at the University of San Agustin at the age of 23.
While the usual graduating age falls between 20 and 21 years old, Fritz was delayed for two years when he had to quit school twice when he was still in high school. It was because his parents could not financially afford to let him finish his education.
Not until Fritz got a scholarship from SM Foundation Inc.(SMFI).
Fritz was among the hopefuls who applied for SM scholarship four years ago and passed the exam and the interview conducted by the foundation during its stop in Iloilo.
Coming from a poor family, Fritz will be the first degree holder in the family come this March 2014. Ironically, he is the youngest among his siblings but he was the one who persevered to finish his education because he hopes to give his family a better life.

Just recently, SM Foundation Inc. conducted exams and interviews at SM City Iloilo, to screen applican…

Putting back the pieces after the storm

The dust has settled and yet Typhoon Yolanda survivors are still faced with a pressing question – how do they begin to start over after losing so much?  The situation is particularly daunting to a number of them who relocated in Metro Manila and its suburbs armed only with faith and determination.

Getting a job becomes a big challenge especially to survivors who do not have the right educational qualifications, prompting Globe Telecom to lend a hand starting with those who are now staying in Isla Bonita, a housing community for roughly 100 families from Leyte who were adopted by the municipality of Rosario, Cavite.

 “When we learned about this housing community, the first thing that came to our mind was how Globe can help.  Initially, the sales team set up a Libreng Tawag station and provided tents for medical missions and debriefing but going around the area, we realized there was so much more that could be done,” said Bernie Llamzon, Globe Executive Vice President for Consumer Sales…

Devotion to Sto Niño should heighten social awareness — priest

As thousands of tourists and devotees flocked to Iloilo City during the weekend of the Dinagyang Festival—one of the most famous fiestas in the Philippines celebrated on the fourth Sunday of January—an Augustinian friar reminded everyone to focus on the religious aspect of the festival and reflect on the message the Sto Niño is telling us today.

Presiding the concelebrated Mass at San Jose Parish Church on “Dinagyang Festival 2014”, Fr. Czar Emanuel Alvarez, O.S.A., told the faithful that “devotion to Señor Sto Niño should not only deepen our faith in the Child Jesus but also heighten our social awareness and motivate us to fight the various forms of evil that exist in our society.”

With thousands of devotees, including the Senate President and other national and local government officials at the Mass, Fr. Alvarez challenged them to respond to the higher demand of the Gospel by saying that devotion to the Christ Child does not end in imitating His humility only.

“Remember that, like Jesu…