More blessings come Auntie Terry’s way

By Marie Katherine Villalon

If you do good, positive things come your way. Such is the case for Teresa Sajonia or Auntie Terry, the Ilongga nanny who was catapulted to fame after a Singaporean movie that told her story, won an international film award last year.

Blend 45 flavors – Pula, Barako and Puti

 The movie “Ilo Ilo” was produced by Singaporean directory Anthony Chen who happens to be one of the boys she took care of during her eight-year stint as an overseas foreign worker in Singapore.

A Singaporean based in Cebu and Chief Executive Officer of Selrahco, Charles Lim thought it would be best that the Chen brothers and their nanny reunite, so he started the search for Auntie Terry. He sought the help of his media friends in Iloilo. Then Bombo Radyo found her living in San Miguel, Iloilo.

Christine Maxine Fernando and Auntie Terry

 “I only met her nine months ago, but I felt I knew her a long time. She is a great inspiration to me .... what she has done as a person. She is more than the character she portrays in the movie. She is sincere and passionate,” said Lim, who found corporations who can support Auntie Terry.

JG Summit responded and has shown support to Auntie Terry since then. Cebu Pacific, its subsidiary, sponsored Auntie Terry’s trip to Singapore so that she can attend the August 2013 premiere of Ilo Ilo, which won the Camera d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Charles Lim and Auntie Terry

 The airline also flew the Chen brothers to Iloilo for a surprise visit to their former nanny.

Universal Robina Corporation, another subsidiary, provided Auntie Terry with a Pangkabuhayan Package last August 3013.  They also gave her 200 chickens and 2 pigs to start her poultry and piggery business.

Then on March 19, 2014, they gave another batch of products. Auntie Terry received P25,000 worth of Blend 45 coffee packs and other URC products as well as P50,000 worth of Robinsons gift certificates. Robinsons is also a subsidiary of JG Summit.
Auntie Terry and Miguel

 Auntie Terry said she plans to sell these products to sari-sari stores so that she can earn extra income. “We are renting a place that is worth P5,000 a month in the town proper, so we need money,” she said.

Meanwhile, Christine Maxine Fernando of Blend 45 said the gift to Auntie Terry is part of their recognition of Filipinos who show good values. “Auntie Terry shows the Filipino value of being maaruga,” she said.

“I thank God for giving such blessings and for Charles Lim, URC, Blend 45 and Cebu Pacific,” Auntie Terry said. “Thank you too to other people who have given their support,” she added.

Meanwhile, Auntie Terry’s husband Miguel said his wife likes Blend 45 Puti while he likes Blend 45 Pula. “We drink coffee four times a day,” he said.

The coffee varieties are under the company’s Kapeng Pinoy Line that uses popular native ingredients. Blend 45 Puti uses cow’s milk, Pula uses brown sugar, and Barako uses native coffee./

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