Meditation: the middle way

We all want to take good care of our health, but do we take care of our mind?

The mind wanders all the time making it hard for you to concentrate. But, with meditation, you can train the mind, improve concentration and promote relaxation, Venerable Dr. Pawithai Vajiravjjo of the Middle Way Meditation Institute told this writer.

“Some people say they are too busy to meditate. That is wrong. There should be time to meditate because meditation will put things in order. Use meditation as your maintenance. It helps develop intuition and good ideas. Even if you meditate for just a few minutes, your mind becomes powerful. It unleashes your creativity and the solutions will just come,” he said.

He added that many studies support that meditation develops emotional intelligence. You become emotionally smart, too. You are more comfortable to be with if your mind is clear. It also reduces hypertension and ulcer and promotes a stronger immune system.

Venerable Dr. Pawithai Vajiravjjo shows 
the Jin-Da-Ma-Nee Crystal Ball

During this writer’s visit in their center, it was pretty crowded at that time because they were busy preparing for a big event. Once in a while, one would see a member sitting at a corner meditating amid all that noise.

“When you meditate, sit in a comfortable position. You can meditate amid noise too, that is possible but you need to learn how to relax and establish connection with your center. Do not try too hard. Just tune it well. Keep your back straight and close your eyes,” Venerable Vajiravjjo advised.

He explained their meditation style, called the Middle Way Meditation which is based on the philosophy that everything has a center.  “All things have a center. The center of the body and mind is in the abdomen. That is two fingers width above the level of the navel, inside the torso.  You meditate your mind there,” he explained.

One way they train the mind to see the center is with the use of the Jin-Da-Ma-Nee Crystal.  “Jin-Da-Ma-Nee Crystal Ball is like a guide to lead you to true happiness at the center of your body. When you receive this crystal ball of success, keep it in a sacred place. Frequently, visualize this crystal ball at the center of your body at all times. Make your mind still; smile, relax and take it easy,” he said.
Meditation Technique. Source: Middle Way Meditation Institute website

“Imagine the crystal ball of success, make it clear and bright, soothing as the full moon. Recite the mantra Samma-Arahang that means ‘Purify your mind to be clean and noble’. Let the sound of Samma-Arahang softly echo from the center of the crystal ball, comfortably and continuously until your mind becomes still and happy as you have never felt before. When your mind is completely still and happy, make a wish at the center of your body, from God within. Pray that He may protect you from all danger, and may you be safe and comfortable, wherever you go whether by land, water or air. May you gain goodness that will lead your life to success and prosperity. Then, great treasures will come your way, so that you can continue to do more good deeds. Your wishes will be fulfilled,” said Phra-Thep-Maha-Muni (Luang Por Dhammajayo), chairperson of the Middle Way Meditation Institute.


“We look for happiness elsewhere. We even buy it, or listen to music. They are not long-lasting. It is just inside us,” Venerable Vajiravjjo concluded./By Kathy Villalon

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