Ordinary Filipinos with extraordinary lives

By Marie Katherine Villalon

Every human being desires to be happy.  Such desire for happiness strengthens a person’s capacity to endure suffering, to be courageous and to care for others. That is why we hear of stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary feats.

The stories of these amazing individuals are told in the book “RealLife, Stories of Ordinary Filipinos with Extraordinary Lives” written by an Ilongga, Dolly Palisada.

The book cover of Real Life

 “’Pagpag for Breakfast & Box of Dreams takes a peek into the everyday life in Metro Manila’s poorest communities through the story of Ramil Sustento and Nene. ‘Leaving This Home is Water Under the Bridge’ tells the story of Aling Lilia Dalmacio and her children who call the bridge their home. ‘Journey On A Wheelchair’ is the story of Gaspar Salim of Zamboanga City who was born without hands and feet but dreams of going to college and having his own business. But with war in the city and his limitations, will he be able to fulfill that dream? ‘A Heart for Animals’ is about Renee Tupas Leones, an animal rights advocate working in Thailand. She believes that it is her calling to love and care for animals. ‘Story of Hope In Singapore’ & ‘Let’s Meet Jamie’ share how two women used their personal circumstances and life’s lessons to pursue happiness for others. Dahlia Rivera Supnad shaved her head for children with cancer while Jamie del Rosario, despite being abused as a child, is now feeding countless children in her community. ‘The Heart of What We Do’ let readers get to know the women behind Workshops@IbaPa and Project 8 Christian Alliance Church in Quezon City,” Palisada said.

“I want to tell their stories to the world --  how they, poor and ordinary (Filipinos), get to touch the lives of others through sheer volunteerism, hard work and just pure kindness to the unfortunates and how they were able to help themselves and their families as well. I wanted to tell others that these people made it and can do more, did not give up on life despite their circumstances because they wanted to. To me, they are my heroes,” she added.

The author with story owners Gaspar Salim (left) and Kcat Yarza (right) during the book launching
of RealLife in UP Diliman, Quezon City in October 19, 2013.

 Palisada said she published the book in order to raise funds for Workshops@ibapa Charities, Inc., a charity she founded in 2008 and Project 8 Christian Alliance Church in Quezon City.  She added that the book also honors the ordinary people she met along her journey as a part-time journalist.

The book, which costs P159.00, is available nationwide through CentralBooks and Precious Pages Bookstore located in all SM Mall branches. 

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