Living with nature at Parc Regency Greens

Beautiful Iloilo house and lots from Pro-Friends, Inc., 
developer of Parc Regency Residences and Monticello Villas

By Marie Katherine Villalon

In the past, people yearned to go to Manila because it was perceived to have everything we want–opportunities, businesses, vast shopping malls, beautiful buildings and homes and good schools, among others.

I lived there from 1987 to 1992. After work, I had to stand on the roadside (even on the middle of the road when I got desperate) along with other commuters to wait for a jeepney to take us home. Chasing one jeepney after another and people pushing other people aside including the elderly in order to get a seat was a necessary but cruel reality then. Being able to get a seat was akin to winning a jackpot. Rest was the only interesting activity left upon coming home; but, even that was hard to come by if one shared a bedroom with other people. In a boarding house. In the middle of a noisy city. Every day, it was like that, until I decided go home to laid-back and nature-rich Iloilo City.

Living amidst nature's splendor
So, I understood perfectly well when Mr. Guillermo Choa, chairman of Pro-Friends (real estate developer of the Parc Regency residential community in Pavia), said that after his long day at work, all he wanted was silence when he arrives home.

He also warned of Iloilo City’s explosion as an economic hub. “Iloilo’s economic explosion is about to happen and it is going to be fast-paced. It will not be easy. You cannot stop development. You are going to be rich. However, remember this day. Please tell me you have time for your families, to talk to them and sit on the ground with them. We have to maintain our humanity and our relationship with God. Please do not forget this. I love Iloilo so much. Amid all the opulence, do not forget what Iloilo is about. Do not lose it. It’s too beautiful to lose it,” he said.

'Amanda' has four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with toilet

We have seen what is happening to Manila now. Progress will have its downsides and they can be summed up to loss of one’s humanity. So, what can we do that it will not happen to Iloilo but we can still enjoy economic progress?

Apart from the choices we make, Pro-Friends also has an answer; Parc Regency Greens, which Choa said is “a beautiful creation of God” tucked away in Pavia town, just 15 minutes of travel from Iloilo City.

‘Victoria’ has five bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with toilet

“We know you need to be ‘human’. That is what Parc Regency Greens is about–nature, hearing the wind, touching the ground.....” he added. Choa said that they have preserved the trees and the natural flowing streams in the area. “You will notice that the two main roads that snake through are not wide. It is because we wanted the trees to stay. When we preserve this nature, what we are giving you is an environment where you and your family can relate to each other; you need not hide somewhere, for it is home,” he said.

The Iloilo house and lot community that has a courtyard or an open space per enclave which gives families a room to grow. It offers a recreational area in front of one’s home

Meanwhile, there is something for every member of the family at Parc Regency Greens. “There will be amenities for those who love the active lifestyle and for those who like the relaxed lifestyle,” said Ms. Ma. Concepcion Puyat, Pro-Friends assistant vice president for Marketing. “For the active ones, we will have an infinity pool, a kiddie pool, a social hall, a viewing deck, a playground, an exercise area, a jogging area, a nature trail, camping area, and team building area. For those who want relaxation, we will provide a meditation gazebo, wishing well, stations of the cross, koi pond, hammocks, and wooden bridges and benches.” For more amenities, click here: Parc Regency Greens amenities.

Perspective of the swimming pool and deck
Parc Regency Greens will have two house models: Amanda, which has four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with toilet; and Victoria, which has five bedrooms and four bathrooms with toilet. “The number of houses to be built here is still a work in progress. The needs of the families are changing. We make each phase as adaptable to what you need,” said Mr. Manuel Crisostomo, SBU 3 head.

Pro-Friends executives. From left: Ma. Concepcion Puyat, AVP for Marketing; Manuel Crisostomo, SBU 3 head; Guillermo Choa, chairman; and Jeanette Encinas, deputy head of SBU4.

This 50-hectare nest for Iloilo house and lots and nature is the biggest project of Pro-Friends outside Luzon. “Our huge success – Monticello Villas and Parc Regency Residences - inspired us to venture into our third development. We never saw this when we started in Iloilo, that we would go this far. It is our belief that more Ilonggo families deserve homes that will highlight life’s important legacies: wellness, love, spirituality and family traditions,” Pro-Friends Executive Vice President Mr. Augusto Leonardo Jr. concluded.

Yes, progress can be sustainable only when the people working for it are centered–body, mind and spirit. And it starts with our choice of where to go home to./
The writer (second from left) with fellow journalists and bloggers Jun Tillaflor (News Express), Roanie Dunggon, JP Cadiz  (Panay News) and Antoine Greg (Agboi Blogspot).


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