Tito Bob’s Magic

There are two things that can take stress away; a good sleep and good laughter.

And, if you’d like to breathe life into your party, whom do you call? Adhara-Eisele Robles Garvilles aka “Tito Bob”, one of Iloilo City’s premiere magicians because of his magic skills and funny antics.

The first time I saw him was at the Friends of Children with Cancer, Inc. Children’s Day Out where he volunteered to perform magic tricks to kids with cancer. “I wanted to see the children happy. It’s also my way of giving back for the blessings I received,” he said.

He showed many tricks but I was quite curious about the one where he had his hands tied but he was able to break free. When asked what the secret was, he answered, “Hmmm that's why it is a secret. Hahahaha.”

Tito Bob narrated that he already had a passion for magic in grade school. “I would buy cheap local magic tricks available in stores. I had grown that passion when I saw a magic shop at SM Cebu where I bought magic cards and other stuff,” he said.

His first attempt was the Ball and Vase Trick. On the other hand, he finds the voodoo box illusion as the most challenging. “A woman goes inside a box which is pierced with 22 large umbrellas. It’s challenging because both you and the girl need mastery of the moves and tons of practice.”

People wonder whether magic is an art or a science. For Tito Bob, it is both. “It is art, since the magician uses the best of his knowledge, imagination, projection and skill; only real magicians possess these traits. It is also science because magic can be learned and studied systematically. Magicians also research and experiment. They observe how things work; like the props they use and fabricate. It deals with utmost observation and later, application to perfect the act.”

He said that there are also two kinds of magic; stage magic (serious or comedy) and close-up magic (street magic ala David Blaine). “I do both,” he said.

Even if people already know that magic is an illusion, people are still mesmerized by it. “Yes, people will always look at magic as an entertainment. They find it hard to get over with when they knew they had been tricked. That is the beauty of magic as long as secrecy is preserved; very powerful yet entertaining,” Tito Bob said.

But, while magic is an illusion, it is best to be careful. “Danger is always there lurking that is why it is important to choose the props you will use. Make sure these will not inflict harm to you or your audience. Arm yourself with the right and safe magic props.”

Every magician looks up to some famous icon. For Tito Bob, it is David Copperfield, the world-famous American illusionist who has earned several Guinness World Records. Oprah Winfrey called him “the greatest illusionist of our time” and the New York Times called him “Our era’s giant of magic.”

One of his unforgettable tricks was making the Statue of Liberty vanish.

“I consider David Copperfield as the best magician of all time. He has the very powerful face expression a magician can have. In addition, he is witty. I always laugh seeing him perform some if his illusions or tricks.”

Making others happy is Tito Bob’s source of happiness. “I can say that life for a magician and clown is way beyond compare. I get excited every time for I know I can bring happiness once more. The smile reflected on kids’ faces is so far the highest salary I can ever receive. God gave me this life and it brings me to places I have never been before. So when you ask me about this life, I will choose this life over and above other lives in the universe.”/By Marie Katherine Villalon

To contact Tito Bob, send him a message through his Facebook page by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tito-Bob/463070610481372

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