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5 tips for taking selfies

Taking selfies is fun. For those who have yet to master the perfect way to take selfies, here are five easy tips to take selfies using your new ABS-CBNmobile phone kit with O+ USA 360 Extreme smartphone:
Smile like Piolo Pascual and give that Mister Pogi selfie! Show off your pearly whites and charm everyone with your eyes. With O+ 360 Extreme’s 13 megapixels rear camera, you can capture that perfect signature Piolo Pascual smile. Do the “Sige Lang Ng Sige” tactic and shoot multiple selfies to capture that perfect angle. With the O+ 360 touch technology, each selfie snap is easier. Using the 360 icon at the back of the phone, it’s so easy to take photos! Just hold to snap and catch that picture-perfect angle. Do the “Peace Tayo” and do away with the camera timer. With O+ 360 Extreme, you can just do a peace sign and click! Wacky selfie in an instant! For that “Fresh Eyes” look, close your eyes… open them and hold to snap! You’ll be surprised at how fresh you look in the photo. Do the “Snap…

Don’t pawn cash cards, PP beneficiaries told

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in Western Visayas (DSWD-6) warned all beneficiaries of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program not to pawn their cash cards as guarantee for their loans, collaterals and other lending transactions.
This after the Grievance Redness System (GRS) of the Pantawid Pamilya program in the region received reports that beneficiaries pawned their cash cards and used their Pantawid documents as loan collateral.

Only last week, 67 Pantawid grantees who came from villages of Barangay 1, Banago, Bata and Mandalagan, all in Bacolod City were caught pawning their cash cards to a female lender, who later surrendered those cards to the Bacolod City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) after several mediations made by the Punong Barangay of Brgy. Banago.
DSWD-6’s Pantawid Pamilya Project Coordinator Jonathan Anteza emphasized that the misbehavior is a clear violation of one of the conditions set by the program under the Pantawid Pamilya National Adviso…