Anna makes her Havaianas

By Marie Katherine Villalon
Photos by Anna Martina Villalon

Making a choice is tough especially when you have to choose among colorful soles, straps and pins to come up with your beautiful pair of Havaianas.

For 12-year-old Anna Martina Villalon, making her own Havaianas was a fun experience this summer.

Photos courtesy of Havaianas Philippines
“It’s such a happy feeling. Then, I got to learn how the soles, straps and pins are put together,” she said on the first day of the “Make Your Own Havaianas” event at Flip Flips, SM City Iloilo, from May 7-10, 2015.

“This is my third pair.  I like Havaianas because their designs are so creative and the rubber material is gentle on the soles of my feet. Even their store is so clean and the personnel are friendly,” she added.

Havaianas is the Portuguese word for Hawaiians, a pair of flip-flops created by Robert Fraser in 1962. It started as a popular brand in Brazil and later on became a fashion trend everywhere.

“Make Your Own Havaianas” or MYOH is a yearly tradition and brand customers are looking forward to it. It was introduced to the market in 2006, according to Anne Gonzales, managing director of Havaianas Philippines. “Havaianas occupies a special place in the hearts (and feet) of our Filipino customers hence, we are bringing this special personalization to them,” she added.

This year, more Filipinos are given the chance to make their own pair/s because MYOH is held simultaneously in key cities in the country. 

Photos courtesy of Havaianas Philippines
For the sole and straps, mix and match colors like light yellow, pistachio, shocking pink, steel grey, rose gold, light pink, soft lilac, neon yellow, red, turquoise, orange lux, marine blue and green. There are so many pins to choose from. Choose many designs from the Vintage Luau, Hawaiian Adventure, Under the Sea, Summer Social, Hawaiian Take-Out and Crystals collections.

Photos by Anna Martina Villalon

Trip to Hawaii
Then, as their 10th anniversary treat, Havaianas Philippines will bring two (2) Havaianaticos to Hawaii!  Every purchase of MYOH 2015 pair entitles you a chance to visit Hawaii.

Start the fun by registering online via and try out different possibilities in customizing your flipflops. Follow Havaianas Philippines on Facebook, Instragram and Twitter.

Take a creative photo of your pair and post it to  Instragram, Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #MYOHIloilo2015 and #MYOH2015.

E komo mai!


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