Healthy, sustainable lifestyle in Maasin

MAASIN, Iloilo – Are Maasinhons ready to embrace a sustainable lifestyle?

Some of the answers were found during the Maasin Bike and Wholeness Day held last May 23. It was a showcase of some sustainable activities, which Maasinhons may embrace.

The Bike Fun Ride, Track Race and the Trisikad Competition promoted biking as a better choice compared to fuel-guzzling transportation and as a form of exercise. When you take the car, gasoline burns your money and not your calories. With biking, you burn fat and save a lot of money.
The bikers were also dressed in their full gear, reminding everyone about the importance of road safety.
The Skateboard Exhibition was another venue for camaraderie, exercise and fun for the youth.

A talk on stress management and meditation was also held.
Dada Dharmavenanda, an American monk and director of the Ananda Wellness Institute in Cebu, explained that when the body’s glands are disturbed, they cause pain, fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger and more. If not addressed, they can lead to diseases and strained relationships.
Ravi, premiere asanas teacher, showed everybody the different poses that would help balance these glands.
Dada also shared a meditation technique that left the participants relaxed, happy and energetic.

While these activities were taking place, a medical mission was also happening at the town gym.. Amelita Taho-Guarin, Health Officer of Jaro Municipal Health Center and Dr. Elmer Hubero, a doctor practicing homeopathy, provided medical advice and treatment to the residents. By the way, homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine wherein the doctor prescribes a substance that causes certain symptoms with the aim of relieving these symptoms experienced by the patient.

Maasin Bike and Wholeness Day was organized by the Movement for Sustainable Maasin, a civil society organization that aims to create and activate solutions that would improve the town of Maasin.

It was initiated by Capt. Joefrey Arnel Lachica with the help of Jo Haresh Tandora of the Press Photographers of the Philippines. Since Lachica is a seaman, his wife Elaine got things moving with the help of Jhu Elno Rubio and his fellows at Mission (Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking). The movement’s board members are Mayflor Quilarto Catalan, Eduardo Holipas Jr and Lene Vidal.

The Maasin Bike and Wholeness Day was the first of more projects that will come in Maasin.

 “We are planning to have a gathering that would inform people about climate change, organic food farming and cooking, proper waste management starting at home, sports or native games to give people a reason to gather and share,” Elaine concluded./ By Kathy Villalon/Photos by Jo Haresh Tandora

Acknowledgement: Thank you, Panay News for sharing the article!

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