Havaianas Flats: thong-style straps and sexy silhouette

Oh, the simple joys of wearing a pair of Havaianas. It is strong enough to carry you everywhere but the rubber is soft enough to treat your soles gently.

Image source: Havaianas Philippines

So, I was even more thrilled to unwrap my new pair of Havaianas Flat Style with strikingly fun orange and black animal prints, slender silhouette, textured and thin footbed and short straps.

At first, I thought the pair would be too slender for my wide feet but the curves and the short, grooved and thong-style straps made my feet look pleasing and feminine.

The new Havaianas Flat Style comes in different prints such as while-black-orange animal print, purple-black-neon animal print, tropical green-black-neon leopard print, rose gum-black-neon leopard print, and cream with ink splatter print, among others.

The new Havaianas Flat Style will definitely flatter you up with its freshness, femininity and innovation.

You can get the Havaianas Flat for P945 and the Havaianas Flat Style for P1,095 from any Flip Flop store near you. You may also shop at: Flopstore

Image source: My Olivia Style

Speaking of which, a visit to the Flip Flop store in SM City Iloilo to peek at their collection of Havaianas Flat Style yielded much more. Apart from the popular flip-flops, the store carries the Havaianas Origine Sneakers and Ballerina for those who prefer closed footwear.

In addition, did you know that Havaianas is eco-friendly? The Brazilian brand makes some new footwear by re-using scraps or leftover materials made during the production process.

For updates on the world’s favorite flip-flops brand, follow Havaianas Philippines on Facebook and @havaianasphils on Twitter and instagram. (Kathy Villalon)

Image source: Havaianas Philippines


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