Piolo Pascual on financial freedom

Financial freedom. Everybody wants it. To be free from debt, free to do whatever you want to do without asking money from others, freedom to be able to secure your children’s future and freedom from financial worries during old age, among others.

Piolo Pascual and Sun Life Customer Marketing Manger Carla Gonzales

“Financial freedom is different for every one of us. It depends on your age, like the young who wants to travel and does not want to ask money from others or parents who want to prepare for their children’s future,” said actor and singer Piolo Pascual.

“For me, financial freedom is being able to do what I want to do – work, advocacy, sports and to be able to support my son Inigo,” added Pascual, who happens to be the ambassador of Sun Life Financial.

Pascual was in Iloilo City recently to help Sun Life Financial rally Filipinos to define and pursue their financial freedom in a nationwide campaign dubbed as #LiveFreePH Movement.

#LiveFreePH Movement aims to inspire Filipinos to believe that a brighter future is possible, provoke them to think about their own definition of financial freedom, and encourage them to translate their optimism about their financial future to reality, with the help of a financial advisor.

Inspire the youth to invest early

Pascual also applies Biblical teaching when handling money. What do you do with what is given to you? Bury it in the ground or do you grow it?” he said.

“I started investing very early. In a year’s time when I started investing, I already have a pension. That was 20 years ago. I am a safe investor. I do not play stocks or investments affected by the economy. All my policies are for long-term,” he added.

“It feels good to work and to have money for the things we want. So, it’s good if at an early age, the young will be trained in handing their money. I can say that Inigo’s future is secure because of his exposure to Sun Life. At the age of 18, he already knows,” Pascual shared.

Video: Piolo and Inigo Pascual Sun Life TV commercial

Bright prospect when you choose financial freedom

Meanwhile, Sun Life Customer Marketing Manger Carla Gonzales shared that so many good things are happening in the country, but their recent survey showed that many Filipinos are still not participating in its economic progress.  

“This is where the Sunlife Live Free Project comes in. We want to tell people that there is a bright prospect if they choose financial independence.”

“Know your value and what you want in life. There is a certain investment that is suited for you. Talk to a financial advisor.  A financial advisor conducts a financial analysis and helps you get that goal,” she said.

She revealed that Sunlife has different policies and mutual funds, such as the Sunlife Prosperity Funds where you can invest for as low as P5,000.

This breaks the misconception that only the rich can attain financial freedom because minimum wage earners can now afford to invest and secure their future./Kathy Villalon

Video: Sun Life Ambassador Piolo Pascual Shares Thoughts 
About Financial Freedom to Ilonggos (Ilonggo Investor)


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