Horizon Cafe: Head over to the peak of Iloilo

Horizon Cafe Set Menu

Launches affordable set meals for every Ilonggo

Iloilo City -  Say “Horizon Cafe”, the restaurant located at the topmost floor of Injap Tower, and my mind would think of fine dining, Singaporean restaurant and Hainanese Chicken, my favorite dish there.

But, do you know that Horizon Cafe actually caters to every Ilonggo and that it offers a wider array of dishes?

Roasted Hainanese Chicken

After Horizon Cafe opened in Iloilo City, people had the misconception that it is a place for fine dining and that the food there is expensive.

“We are trying to reach out to locals and show them that we are not a fine dining restaurant. Our dishes are affordable,” said the owner (who would rather not have his name mentioned) during a gathering with Ilonggo bloggers.

In fact, they have launched several promos that are affordable.

Buttermilk Fish Fillet

Barkada Treats
Available for three or five persons daily from 2-5 p.m., Barkada Treat (good for 3 or 5 persons) is composed of pasta, pizza, sandwich, nachos with garlic aioli dip or tomato salsa dip, garlic toast and drinks.

Executive Set Meals
Meanwhile, the Executive Set Meals at Horizon Cafe are available daily for lunch and dinner at P170 per person. They include meat or seafood cooked according to your preference and sauce choices such as black pepper sauce, curry sauce, gong bao sauce and spring onions and ginger sauce. Each meal comes with beverage, salad and soup.

Fantastic-tasting Black Pepper Beef

Set Menu
They also have three set menus that are available for 5 to 10 persons as shown in the selection below.

Beer Bucket Promo
Get into that happy hour mood daily with their Beer Bucket Promo. Each bucket is composed of 5 bottles of beer and comes with free Sisig for only P250.

Fresh and crispy stir-fried vegetables with garlic

Another misconception about Horizon Cafe is that it is a Singaporean restaurant.
Management stressed that while they hail from Singapore, they serve Asian (including Filipino) and Western dishes.

For example, they offer Filipino ala Carte (starts at P65), Western ala Carte (starts at P60) and Asian ala Carte (P140 for two persons).

Barkada Treats for 3 or 5 persons

Oh I love to include this part because I just love Horizon Cafe’s Hainanese Chicken.

While the hainanese method of cooking came from the Hainan region of China, Hainanese Chicken is actually the national dish of Singapore.

It is prepared by allowing pork and chicken bone stock to seep into the entire chicken thereby making it flavorful.

Horizon Cafe’s tender and flavorful Hainanese Chicken is paired with chili sauce, minced ginger and soy sauce.

Horizon Cafe Set Menu

Apart from the food described above, Horizon Cafe has so much more to offer, sun up to sun down. Head over to the peak of Injap Tower and discover them./Kathy Villalon

For more information:
Horizon Cafe
21st floor
Injap Tower
Diversion Road, Iloilo City
Contact Numbers: 330.7188 or 0939.909.1888

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