Sophie Paris beauty and fashion provides opportunities for Filipinos

Sophie Paris has existed in the Philippines since 2002, giving Filipinos the opportunity to enjoy French-oriented fashion as well as earn in promoting these products.

Jomel Diez, regional manager for Visayas and Mindanao of Sophie Paris Philippines, revealed that they are a direct selling company that offers French-designed bags, clothes, footwear, watches and personal products.

Honestly, it was only last December 2015 when I knew about Sophie Paris Philippines. During their fashion and beauty caravan and Christmas catalogue launching, I was amazed at the classy designs of their clothes and bags. I am now a proud owner of a Sophie Paris signature bag and wallet!

What makes Sophie Paris stand out is that they have about 80 new styles every week to give consumers and business centers that “so feeling good, so feeling great” moment. “Sophie is the only direct selling and multi-level marketing company to offer 30% new styles every catalogue. Eighteen years of design experience made it possible to offer high quality fashionable products at reasonable prices. That is why it is so easy to sell our fresh and exclusive French-designed fashion and beauty products,” according to Marvin Sayo, sales and marketing manager of Sophie Paris Philippines.

During the caravan, they held a fashion show as well as announced the creation of e-Sophie, a program wherein one can place an order through one’s mobile phone, make a payment and then wait for the product to be delivered to one’s home address.

Then, Sophie Paris business center owners revealed how the company has helped them reach their life’s aspirations while selling fabulous products. Sophie Paris also provides them with knowledge and basic skills training, skills development training, leadership training and sales monitoring tools so they can be more effective in their business.

Sophie Paris has more than 260,000 members in over 100 business centers in the Philippines./Kathy Villalon


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