Kuya J and that tasty kind of love

Kuya J’s signature dish. Crispy Pata, perfectly deep fried pork skin with tender juicy pata meat. 

It is a popular notion that men make good cooks. In your home, it may be your Kuya Juan, Kuya Juancho or Kuya Jun who cooks up a storm of gastronomic delights sprinkled with love.

Pretty much like Kuya J, a restaurant that recently opened in SM City Iloilo and is set to rival the cooking of the man of the house.

Kuya J’s Lumpia Fresko. It is made up of sautĂ©ed crabmeat and bamboo shoots filling rolled in malunggay infused wrapper with sweet garlic sauce.

"Iloilo City is a vibrant city and we believe it is ready for the cuisine of Kuya J,” said Winglip Chang, president of iKitchen Inc. which is based in Cebu. There, the business started as a carinderia which later became everybody’s favorite family bonding and dining haven and which seeks to maintain 60 stores by the end of 2016. Iloilo is their 26th store.

“We serve home cooked dishes. They are simple, delicious and heart warming. We cook with passion. We are intense in giving you all the best and all the love," Chang added.

Kuya J’s take on the traditional Kare-Kare with reinvented peanut sauce

In addition to its tasty dishes, another reason why Kuya J has become so popular is its brand ambassador, Jericho Rosales. Many thought that he owns it and that the J stands for Jericho.

Well, he did become a real life brother for the brand. He served customers, made sure that everything is alright in the kitchen, treated his family, friends and co-workers for lunch, entertained his fans and the list goes on. Ultimately, he became the person that everybody looked up to – a Kuya (brother).

Start your meal with these grilled scallops with cheesy butter topping

“They (Kuya J team) want to bring the family together. For me, celebrating my 20 years in the showbiz industry is about family, love and aspirations. It is easy to carry the character of the brand because we both work hard for the best,” Echo said.

His favorite dish is Sinigang na Baboy and that’s exactly what he ordered during the Iloilo branch’s opening. “It is my comfort food. It also has a sentimental value because of my mom. Da best ang sinigang ng mommy ko. Then, dumating ang Kuya J, so the best na ang Kuya J,” he said. He added that his second favorite Kuya J dish is Kare-Kare.

Humbinagoongan Rice, fried rice with bagoong and topped with pork humba meat, green mangoes, bell peppers and red onions

Kuya J has many signature dishes, Chang said. “But if you were to choose just one, then that would the Crispy Pata. It is near perfect.”

He is right about the Crispy Pata. Even without the soy dip, these lip-smacking crispy pork knuckles are savory and juicy. Additionally, dishes such as their Grilled Scallops with cheesy butter topping, Lumpia Fresko (and its cute-looking green colored wrapper!), Kare-Kare with reinvented peanut sauce, Crispy Catfish, Danggit Rice, Humbinagoongan Rice, Rellenong Talong, Mango Pandan and Coffee Flan were also served during their opening.

Danggit Rice, fried rice with danggit bits and chives

So, if you are searching for the must-eat treat, try Kuya J’s cooking./Kathy Villalon

Kuya J Restaurant
Location: Upper ground floor, Expansion Wing of SM City Iloilo
Phone: 321-6679

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Brand ambassador Jericho Rosales jamming with the crowd

Kuya J Iloilo staff with brand ambassador Jericho Rosales

Winglip Chang, president of iKitchen Inc.


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