DSWD responders, supporters feted during agency’s 65th year

Successful people have overcome challenges because they refused to give up despite the odds. Their success stories included the support of family and friends and most of all, God's grace.

There are also challenges that are faced on a wider scale, such as how a town and its residents can successfully recover after a typhoon, how people can get out of poverty, and how to empower more people in order to put an end to hopelessness.

DSWD Undersecretary 
Dr. Angelita Medel
This is not the work for one person but a bigger network such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) which is composed of people who miss family members’  birthdays, graduations and other special occasions in order to respond to the community's needs. They are called the DSWD responders.

Last February 2016, the DSWD Field Office VI celebrated its 65th anniversary by recognizing the responders and the local government units, agencies and individuals who supported their cause. DSWD Undersecretary Dr. Angelita Gregorio Medel was their keynote speaker.

Usec Medel’s words are an apt reminder that we can be responders wherever we are. Here are some salient points from her keynote speech:

1. Compassion is not about sympathy and empathy. Compassion means to suffer with. It is the capacity to see clearly in the nature of the suffering and recognize that we are not separate from it and thus need to act and respond to the situation.

It is like saying, “Can I make a sandwich for you?” “Can I help you with the work you left at the office?”  to people who need our help.

2. Success depends on human service. In DSWD, the capital is not financial but the quality of people who serve. Success is based on three competencies and they are commitment to public service, delivery of results and personal effectivity. Two ways to achieve success is to educate the heart and sharpen the mind.

Some of the awardees

3. Educate the heart to be compassionate. Our sacrifices can make us feel entitled and think that we could use our resources freely as we want. When we offer help, we feel like God. Don’t ever think that. Do not think that helping them would feed your ego. Rather, humbly serve our people.

4. Sharpen the mind by harnessing the power of imagination. In applying imagination, consider the reality of where you are. Look at your surroundings and your condition. Creativity requires strategy and an understanding of reality. Innovation requires experimentation and being ready to spring back amid failures.

Just like the DSWD logo of a heart cupped by two hands, indeed we are connected and our hearts (survival) are on each other’s hands./Kathy Villalon


Check out this video shared by DSWD Usec Medel to explain compassion. The unforgettable story of Great Britain's 400m runner Derek Redmond, whose hamstring snapped during the Barcelona 1992 Olympics but was determined to finish the race.

Also watch this video of Yeng Constantino and Quest. Kaya Ko Ang Pagbabago (Official Music Video) created for DSWD and its Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program.


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