Tagtiringub: Passion Meets Profession

An exhibit by the School for the Arts Visual Arts Alumni
of the Iloilo National High School

Venue: CityMall Tagbak

Left photo: Stella. Oil in canvas by Kristoffer George Brasileno
Right photo: Through Sight. Oil on canvas by Donn Laserna

Left: Year of the Monkey. Oil in canvas by Alex Ordoyo
Right: Seventh Broken Piece of the Aquarium. Acrylic on paper by Marrz Capanang

Nurturance. Mixed media on canvas by Adhara Alcudia Sebuado. Mothers who hold their newborns experience an increase in maternal behaviour, show more confidence in caring for their babies and breastfeed longer.

Left: Love Your Work. Mixed media by Lauren Locsin. “I created a human heart with the spirit which is the image of God. It glows in the dark to show how it stands against the dark (negative aspects of life).”

Right:  Old Friend. Acrylic on canvas by Gabrielle Marie Tirol.  “In memory of my late Boston Terrier, Uma who brought fun and laughter to my family and myself. The bright colors are a representation of his bright, cheerful ball-of-sunshine like personality.

Pa Throwback. Acrylic by Kris Kamille Samonte. “Awareness for parents that games are still best for children.”

San Jose Church. Watercolor work by Marc David Carbon

Aftermath. Mixed media by Carlet Florinel Espia. “Aftermath is about new beginnings, about surviving a storm, about keeping the dream alive. It portrays a second chance for growth, of believing in life and in live. It is passion on reviving back, of always making it to the Aftermath.”

Left: Line Up – Tomatoies! Photography by Irene Jeongco. “As a BS HRM graduate with a passion and love for photography, I decided to do food photography. It amazes me to see how a lot of things can be changed in different angles and perspectives in photography.

Right: Maria Clara is Not Yet Dead. Digital print on silk gazaar by Mark John Carcillar. This tells the story of a dying Filipino soldier who fought for freedom during the Spanish ear. Simplicity and sophistication targeting women in the late 20s and 30s is the main focus of the design. The skirt is printed with bright red, blood splatter print depicting a dying man who was shot during the war. The collar was inspired by the typical Maria Clara dress. A Noli Me Tangere book was inserted in Sobre Falada inspired peplum which depicts the layer of skin of the soldier.

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