Ayanna Restaurant: combine travel with good food

You can combine travel and good food.

In just 30 minutes, you can travel from Iloilo City to the municipality of Oton and towards a hidden gem at Brgy. Buray – Sheridan Boutique Resort.

Tucked inside this Balinese inspired resort is Ayanna Restaurant which has cooked up something new for Ilonggos and other guests to enjoy before or after your swim or kayak adventure.

Slider Trio Burgers

Resident manager Gene Quilao revealed that they recreated their dishes in order to “appeal to a wider audience and encourage them to drive down to Oton and partake a truly mesmerizing Ayanna dining experience.”

In a press release, Sheridan Boutique Resort revealed that “dishes to look forward to include farm to table salads such as the Classic Caesar, hot off the grill Gen San Tuna Belly and sweet endings like the divine Guimaras Mango Cobbler.”

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki

“Long standing favourites are still in the menu so Ayanna patrons can heave a sigh of relief that best sellers such as Ayanna Chicken Cocido, Honey Pork Belly, Ayanna Back Ribs and savory desserts like Tablea Chocolate Truffle Cake and Ube Haleya Cheesecake still await you at the restaurant,” the release further stated.

During my stay at Sheridan Boutique Resort, I tried their Honey Pork Belly and it’s no wonder that this is one of their bestsellers. The meat is succulent and the sweet and tangy taste of the sauce is just right. One order consists of three slices, so three persons can share it. Just order extra rice because the accompanying Java rice constitutes one cup.

Honey Pork Belly 

They also have some selections for kids, so we ordered their Crispy Fried Chicken which is already good for two persons. However, it was so juicy and crispy and made even more flavourful by their cheese and mushroom dips that I secretly wanted to have the whole order for myself. However, as one monk I know said, “If you want  to teach a child the value of sharing, start at the dining table.”

Tip: If you’re going to have a romantic dinner for two, arrange with Sheridan Boutique Resort to have it at the gazebo.

Cold Cuts Board. Salami, Brie cheese, Gorgonzola, Camembert cheese. Comes with Focaccia, French Baguette and bread sticks

Banquet Menu
They also launched their new banquet menu and some of these were introduced to Iloilo journalists in a food tasting held last April.

“These are new banquet menu items for special occasions such as debuts, birthday and weddings,” said Miner del Mundo, food consultant and premiere chef who developed the new offerings.

Prosciutto e Melane. With balsamic reduction and arugula.

“People think Sheridan is expensive but our menu is actually cheaper. We also made our wedding packages cheaper,” added Rubia King, sales executive of Sheridan Boutique Resort.

You may impress your guests by starting with cold appetizers such as Salmon and Mango Seviche which consists of Norwegian salmon, ripe mangoes and honey-orange dressing. Or, treat them with Seared Tuna that is pepper crusted and comes with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Another appetizer option is Prosciutto e Melane with balsamic reduction and arugula.

Hickory Pork Ribs Sandwiches

Should you choose to serve cold cuts to your guests, they also offer Cold Cuts Board which consists of salami, Brie cheese, Gorgonzola and Camembert cheese as well as grapes, oranges, Focaccia, French Baguette and bread sticks.

They also launched new hot dishes such as Hickory Pork Ribs Sandwiches and Lasagna Bolognese.

Lasagna Bolognese

Get more life by traveling to a new destination, such as Oton and discover the gastronomic delights of Ayanna Garden Restaurant.  The restaurant is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For reservations and inquiries, please call +63 33 3960033 or +63 9173077643.

Ube Haleya Cheesecake, a bestseller and Tablea Chocolate Cake

For more information about the resort, email to inquiry@sheridanboutiqueresort.com or visit their website: Sheridan Boutique Resort/Kathy Villalon

For press releases and event coverage, you may contact me through my Facebook page: Purr

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