Brighter Life Praxis Game and investments

Have you experienced an incident that made you say, "I wouldn't be in this situation if I saved my money"?

I did. However, God seems to have a way of providing what I needed. Not necessarily on the level that I expected, but He did.

However, it would have been nicer if we got exactly what we wanted. You know, all the works and the comfort, right? One of the ways to have this is by being financially well.

Brighter Life Praxis Game by Sun Life Financial

So, Sun Life Financial Philippines embarked on an educational and fun way to learn the value of managing one's finances - the Brighter Life Praxis Game.

In this board game, players are exposed to opportunities to earn or invest such as employment, receiving a bonus, winning in a game show's lucky draw, savings and stocks. They are also exposed to events that require spending such as taking a vacation, buying a house, getting sick and getting old.

Whether you can invest, spend, lose your job or get sick, it would depend on the rolling of the dice.  Pretty much like real life - opportunities and misfortunes come unexpectedly. If you have money, then that’s great! If none, suffer the consequences.

Then, the game master will announce in which economic cycle you will be playing - boom, slump and recovery.

Nonoy Taclino of Iloilo Today won the board game

Sun Life introduced the game to Iloilo media and bloggers this year. A colleague bought a house during the economic slump but because she had to pay for the real estate tax and had no money left, she borrowed money from loan sharks. Another person was on a travel spree and that meant expenses.  Another one got insurance so she had to roll the dice again to see if she was going to get sick and may need insurance. She was holding her breath while the dice rolled. Who wouldn’t?

One invested on stocks when economy was booming. Then she got unemployed. Luckily, she earned dividends from her investments, even during the economic slump.

At the end of the game, the person with the most money was the one who 1. Invested on stocks and real property when he had money, 2. who took advantage of the slump period by investing and 3. who sold these investments when their value went up.

The other players, Iloilo bloggers Raymart Escopel, Greg Antoine Flores, Jun Tillaflor, Kathy Villalon and Rosmar Villalon

“Employees from the Insurance Commission and the Philippine Investment Funds Association have also experienced playing the board game. The feedback has been very positive, with players saying Brighter Life Praxis has given them the confidence to talk about financial decisions - a factor crucial in their journey to financial freedom,” Sun Life reported in its press release.

“Brighter Life Praxis is designed to open conversations about the topic of finances, including insurance and investments, which can be usually intimidating or overwhelming to many Filipinos,” the press release further stated.

Sun Life is the first company to introduce the innovative board game in the country and it regularly holds board game sessions nationwide for clients, employees, and financial advisors of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc., Sun Life GREPA Financial and Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. so they can experience the beauty of the game firsthand./ By Kathy Villalon

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