Oishi Batchoi: the healthier batchoy now in Iloilo

Our popular local batchoy may be delicious but it is not for everybody because its ingredients include intestines, liver, pork chicharon, meke (noodles) and broth made from bones and meat, which is not advisable for people with ailments such as high blood pressure and gout, among others.

Seafoods Miso Batchoi 

But the good news is, one can make a healthy version of batchoy. Purr has tasted vegetarian batchoy which consists of egg noodles, carrots, sayote, onion leaves and flour chicharon bathed in broth flavoured by herbs, spices and a hint of muscovado sugar (in lieu of monosodium glutamate). But, this may not be agreeable for meat lovers. 

Thankfully, there is Oishi Batchoi, a Japanese restaurant that provides diners with more batchoy options in addition to some popular Japanese dishes.


Oishi Batchoi  was created by Chef Benjie-San, a Filipino who worked in Japan for 30 years as Executive Chef. His love and passion for food resulted to his desire of putting up his own restaurant.

Chef Benjie-San’s expertise in making delicious ramen pushed him to concoct his own version of batchoy by emulating the Japanese’s meticulous way of preparing broth.


“I mixed ramen into local batchoy and my son Joey tasted it. It is delicious and with health benefits. Thus, Oishi Batchoi was born,” said Chef Benjie-San.

So, what makes Oishi Batchoi special?

First of all, Oishi Batchoi’s both is made from fermented soybeans and mashed into a thick paste (miso), giving the soup a sweet and savory taste. Miso is a traditional seasoning and health food in Japan.

Kaizen Salad 

Second, Oishi Bathchoi uses egg noodles (instead of ordinary noodles), roasted garlic, fresh egg, roasted pork (instead of ordinary pork) and Naruto or fish cake.

“We use egg noodles instead of meke. Then, we add black garlic oil that has many health benefits,” Chef Benjie-San said.

Chef Benjie-San’s signature batchoi creation has several varieties. One is the popular Oishi Misho Batchoi whose ingredients include Tonkatsu pork broth prepared in the traditional method with rich miso soup topped with pok liver, classic pork roast chasyu, pork cracklings with freshly made egg noodles, egg and naruto. It has a spicy version, too.

Rainbow Maki 

Another is Super Batchoi which is Batangas-lomi batchoy with gyukutsu broth soup with oxstripe and slices of chasyu and dazzled with mayo garlic.

Meanwhile, Seafoods Miso Batchoi is a striking blend of miso, vegetables, seafoods, fresh egg, garlic, freshly made egg noodles and rich miso taste.

Inside Oishi Batchoi 

Then there is Oishi Shio Batchoi, which is infused with shio soup (pork or chicken-based) instead of miso.

They also serve other Japanese dishes. Some of them are rice toppings Katsudon, Buta Don, Gyudon, Gomoku Chahan, Chahan and Salmon Chahan. Entrees are Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teppanyaki, Gomoku Umani, and Chicken Platter.

Chef Benjie-San and guests toast to the success of Oishi Batchoi

Maki and salads include California Maki, Crunchy Maki, Beef Maki, Chicken Maki, Rainbow Maki, Kaizen Salad and Kani Salad.

They also serve Salmon Sashimi and Tuna Sashimi as well as appetizers like Age Tofu, Salmon Karoke and Buta Yaki Nitu.

Joey Garcia, Oishi Batchoi owner and son of Chef Benjie-San

Oishi Batchoi is located at the lower ground floor of SM City Iloilo north wing. For updates, you may visit their Facebook page: Oishi Batchoi / Kathy Villalon

For press releases and event coverage, you may contact me through my Facebook page: Purr

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