You can’t buy happiness but you can buy Havaianas

Every year, Havaianaticos troop to Havaianas outlets in major cities of the Philippines for the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) event.

During MYOH, shoppers are free to choose their preferred soles, straps and commemorative pins to come up with a pair of Havaianas that they will love for many years.

Yearly, this writer looks forward to this event. But, to make it even more special, her pair of flip-flops always goes to one special person.

Not that she does not want her own pair. In fact, she is a proud owner of Safari-print sexy silhouette with thong-style straps. When it is not broken, why replace it with something new? Plus, sharing gives value to a thing.

Havaianas, Shibori-inspired

Her first MYOH was in Bacolod City and it was a Philippine commemorative pair she made for her boyfriend.

The second one was in Iloilo City wherein her niece Anna was the beneficiary of the MYOH experience. Until now, she wears her Lake Green colored pair and carries the memory her first MYOH experience.  

Purr calls this the Havaianas wheel of fortune where Havanaticos can mix and match their desired sole and strap colors

For her third MYOH that is this year, she made a pair for her godson Jay. This time, it is Shibori-inspired.

The inspiration was apt because even though these rubber flip-flops originated from Brazil in 1962, it was inspired by Zori, the flat, straw-bottomed sandals worn by geishas in Japan. If you take a closer look at the soles of your pair, you will notice the rice patterns.

Some of the many cheerful and lively pairs of Havaianas flip-flops

The first Havaianas colors were blue and white, just like this year’s Shibori inspiration. Shibori is “a Japanese fabric-dyeing technique that makes use of indigo shades to create beautiful patterns on cloths for kimonos and obi sashes,” according to a Havaianas press release.

Brazilians are a relaxed and cheerful sort of people and this spirit of cheer and sunshine is being shared throughout the world through Havaianas’ varied colors and designs.

Check out these photos from this year’s Shibori-inspired Make Your Own Havaianas at Flip-Flops in SM City Iloilo./Kathy Villalon

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