Ang Kamalig Restaurant’s homegrown dishes

If you were just a kid during the 1980's, then you are probably familiar with Ang Kamalig Restaurant.

It was a very popular Iloilo restaurant back then but it eventually closed. Many years later, in 2015, Ang Kamalig reopened at Atria to serve diners with authentic Ilonggo fare, but with a contemporary touch.

Ang Kamalig interiors. Image: RJT Group

Credits to Chef Miguel Trenas who invited Iloilo bloggers to taste the satisfying meals that Ang Kamalig has to offer.

The following is a rundown of home-cooked style Ilonggo meals that satisfied our cravings.

Authentic Ilonggo dishes by Ang Kamalig Restaurant

Named after Chef Miguel's grandmother, Lola Amparing's Crispy Pata is every tongue's delight. The meat is tender and savory and the skin is crunchy. But, do lighten up if you have cardiovascular issues.

Lola Amparing's Crispy Pata

Morcon is one of my favorite dishes and it was quite interesting to note that at Ang Kamalig Restaurant, they meticulously mixed ground pork with spam and egg then rolled it with a thin sheet of pork fat, steamed and fried to golden brown.

Morcon. Lean ground pork with spam and egg covered with a thin sheet of fat, rolled, steamed and fried to golden brown

Spicy Sisig is another must-try appetizer. This fiery dish can be eaten with rice, too. Their version is diced crispy pork sautéed in spices and chilies served sizzling on a hot plate.

Spicy Sisig 

Also served on a hot plate is Sizzling Kansi, simmered beef shank served with batwan gravy.

Every meal has to have a certain balance of red meat dishes and non-red meat ones. So, Chef Miguel prepared shrimp dishes much to our added delight.

Sizzling Kansi

Their Sinigang na Hipon comprised of prawns and nourishing vegetables cooked in sour soup reminded me of home. Totally enticing.

Sinigang na Hipon 

Finger licking good and succulent fresh shrimps seasoned with garlic made up Linusgusan na Pasayan. Oh how I wanted to eat every piece with my bare hands!

Linusgusan na Pasayan

Ang Kamalig Restaurant has a wide desserts selection and we tried Black Sambo, Molten Chocolate Cake, Maja Blanca and Halo-Halo. Surprisingly, my least favorite dessert was the one that really stood out!  Ang Kamalig's version of Maja Blanca, a coconut pudding topped with sweet corn is so light yet rich and creamy I wanted the whole serving to myself.

Bistek Tagalog

So, that was our Kamalig feast and it was worth the trip. Let the pictures speak for themselves./Kathy Villalon

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Molten Chocolate Cake and Maja Blanca


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