MMFF 2016 entry ‘Saving Sally’ 10 years in the making

Did you know that “Saving Sally” which stars Rhian Ramos, Enzo Marcos and TJ Trinidad, took 10 years to be completed?

“Saving Sally” was started by television director Avid Liongoren and his team. They began shooting as early as 2005 but production slowed down because of lack in funds.

Production came into full swing in 2010 on a blue screen, which was later replaced with a stylized Manila and 2D animated monsters created by Liongoren and his team of artists at Rocketsheep. “What we lacked in manpower, we made up for with love in every single frame. We spent countless hours checking and rechecking every detail,” said Direk Avid.

This coming 25th of December 2016, the public will finally see the film that is one of the eight entries in the Metro Manila Film Festival. The festival’s screening committee describes “Saving Sally” as an atypical youthful love story replete with child-like elements as applied on 2D animation. The Cinematic Evaluation Board gave it an A rating.

Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos during their Iloilo City presscon for Saving Sally

Marty (Enzo Marcos) is an aspiring comic book artist who is in love with his best friend Sally (played by Rhian Ramos), a gadget inventor. Sally has monsters for parents and an inconsiderate boyfriend TJ Trinidad). In Marty’s fantasies, he thinks of ways of defending Sally from the big bad world.

What did the lead actors learn from making this movie? “That would be to believe in the things that you do. Have patience. When you make a decision, do it with all your heart. I want to encourage people that if they can find a ‘Saving Sally’ or passion in their life, go for it,” said Rhian during the press conference held at Jamie’s Steak House in SM City Iloilo Southpoint.

For Enzo, he stressed that never wait for the perfect timing. “I never thought that when we shot the film, it would be entered for the MMFF. When an opportunity comes, take it,” he said.

Get ready to be dazzled and mesmerized. “Saving Sally” will make you believe in love, comic books, and the monsters in our heads all over again. Watch it on December 25 at Robinsons Place Jaro./

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