The massage and happiness connection

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours always leaves my leg muscles stiff.  To give them their much-needed care, I went to Spa Riviera and tried their one-hour foot and leg service called Kalipay Massage.

‘Kalipay’ is a Hiligaynon word for ‘happiness’ which is so apt.  The massage service was carefully thought of because every step has its benefits that ultimately makes one feel happy. Here is what to expect from Spa Riviera’s Kalipay Massage.

1. Feet soaked in warm water. This 15-minute action helps stimulate blood flow and then relaxes your stiff muscles and joints.

2. Upper back hot compress. The therapist places a hot compress on your nape to remove the tiredness from your upper back.

3. Legs and feet massage. The therapist applies peppermint lotion starting from the feet and upwards to the thighs. The smell of peppermint is quite a boost. In fact, an article posted by the US National Library of Medicine stated that peppermint enhances memory and alertness.

For the purpose of privacy, Spa Riviera is divided into two sections – male and female. 
Here is the lobby of the female’s section.

With gentle but skillful strokes, the therapist uses a bamboo stick that is about two inches in diameter to knead your muscles. Sometimes, she uses her bare hands.

“We use bamboo because it is an indigenous product. It is very Ilonggo, which appeals to local and foreign clients. It is a good way to promote our culture. Bamboo is durable and strong, so it can sustain the different strokes that are required on the upper thigh,” said Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton, chief executive officer of Spa Riviera.

Men need some pampering, too. Spa Riviera has a section exclusive for males and this is their lobby.

4. Upper back massage. Once done with your legs, the therapist gives you an upper back massage. Then voila, you are good to go!

Wharton said that total wellness is not limited to a good massage. So, she reminds everyone to “drink a lot of water in order to detoxify” after your service.

Kalipay Massage is part of Spa Riviera’s Gayuma Experience. Others are Gayuma Massage, Turista Massage, Maanyag and Aroma Facial Massage and Masinaw Body Massage.

Leave your belongings in the locker room to focus on your therapy. A spa robe and towel await in every locker.

Live in the Moment
A good massage therapy at least every week can improve your health. It is your armor against stress, it helps you sleep better, and it boosts your mental and physical health.

To maximize its benefits, leave your mobile phone in the locker, live in the moment and focus on your breathing while enjoying the dimly lighted spa, therapeutic scents, soft and relaxing music and superb therapy.

No matter how busy you are, you will be amazed how things will fall into place after that./Kathy Villalon

After your service, sip a cup of tea in their tea room

Spa Riviera is located at the 2nd floor of Jabez Building, General Luna, Iloilo City with a branch at Desamparados Street, Jaro, Iloilo City and 2nd floor, SM City Iloilo north wing. For inquiries and updates on new services and promos, call (033) 509 0209 or follow their Facebook page: Spa Riviera Official

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