Movie theater etiquette

Holy shit! Holy cow! Holy crap! Shouted my friend at the top of her lungs for almost every exciting scene in a movie (whose title I have already forgotten)  many years ago.

While I thought it was really funny then, I did wonder recently if other movie watchers found it funny or annoying. After all, the number one rule is "Do not talk loudly inside the theater."

Recently, I watched Kung Fu Yoga in Robinsons Jaro’s Movieworld. It was my third visit there and it won’t be the last. In fact, it has become my favorite movie theater because the seats are very comfortable, the quality of the visuals and the audio is excellent, each theater has a lobby, they have a wide array of snacks and their staff are friendly and accommodating. I also appreciate the fact that they have a ramp for persons with disabilities who wish to go to Movieworld as well as a PWD space inside each theater.

Before the movie starts, they show a reminder on how to behave inside the movie theater. But there will always be the stubborn ones who still violate those rules like that couple who, right in front of me, debated for like a minute on where they will sit. They should have done it while they were at the aisle. That inspired me to make my own list. Check it out:

1. Again, do not talk loudly inside the theater.
2. Put your phones in silent mode.
3. Do not put your feet up on the seat in front of you.
4. Do not kick the seat in front of you. Children who are restless are prone to this, which is understandable given their young age. But this is also an opportunity for parents to teach kids about respect.
5. Arrive before the movie starts. But if you are late, do see to it that you find a seat without so much fuss.
6. As much as possible, stay seated. Buy food and use the comfort room before the movie starts.

Do you have a rule to add? Share it in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, those who wish to hold their events in Robinsons Jaro’s Movieworld, may send a message through their Facebook page: Robinsons Jaro.

"We are open to block screenings and theater rentals. Our movie house is perfect for events like school graduation, masses, fellowship and the like," said Karolyn Uychiat Fernandez, theater manager.

Robinsons Jaro Movieworld has five cinemas. Cinema 1 and 4 can seat 276 persons, Cinema 2 and 3 can seat 348 and Cinema 5 can seat 372./Kathy Villalon

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