Japanese food eating etiquette and Rai Rai Ken’s fine dishes

"You need to learn how to use chopsticks," said my boss when we dined in a Japanese restaurant 20 years ago. I was young then and had so much to learn.

So, there I was, trying to figure out how to enjoy my Japanese food while the dumpling and noodles keep slipping from my chopsticks. Up to this day, I have no success.

Platter Special by Rai Rai Ken SM City Iloilo

We were joined by a Japanese client who shared some tips when dining in Japan, as follows:

1. Wait for everyone's order to arrive before eating and drinking. Before drinking, raise the glass and say "kampai".
2. Only small bowls can be positioned close to one's mouth and when you do, use your left hand. Miso soup is sipped directly from the bowl. (Oh, I do this at home all the time). Remaining solid food can be eaten with the use of your chopsticks.
3. No leftovers.
4. Cover the dishes and return the chopsticks in their proper place after the meal.

Sashimi Special by Rai Rai Ken SM City Iloilo

Recently, fellow bloggers and I had our share of deliciously prepared Japanese food at Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar in SM City Iloilo.

From rich broth Tonkutsu soup to mouth watering and tender slices of Chasyu, they have a multitude of Rairaiken Original Ramen. They also serve Donburi and Curry,  Ippinnyori, Sushi and Sashimi, Teishoku (a sumptuous complete set meal of healthy choices by their Japanese chef. Choices of ramen or rice meal served with variety of side), California Maki and Mini Ramen, and Bento (special set meals served with plain rice and miso soup with vegetable siding).

California Maki

Their Japanese food selections are good for sharing and reasonably priced. They are indeed delicious; their 11 years of existence in Iloilo City is a testament of such. For updates, follow them on Facebook: Rai Rai Ken SM City Iloilo

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Chahan Platter

Chicken Teriyaki

Crunchy Maki

Ebi Tempura

Gomuko Chahan


Kani Salad

Katsu Curry

Rairaiken Mixed Teppan

Salmon Balls

Sanma Fish Set Meal

Seafood Hotpot Ramen

Teishoku - a sumptuous complete set meal of healthy choices of ramen or rice meal served with variety of side dishes

Tori Karaage

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