Success lessons from football

Football teaches the youth how to be successful even outside of the football field.

To succeed in football and in life, Jose Ramon Garcia of the United Football League said three things are required: attitude, courage and motivation (ACM).

"We need to have a good attitude, the courage to play hard and do things even if they are difficult, and to be motivated enough to improve more," he told young football players coming from Barotac Nuevo, Janiuay, Maasin and Iloilo City during the ACM’s Football Tournament held last March 25, 2017.
Football teaches the youth how to be successful in life. Participants in the ACM Football Tournament.

One of these players is seven-year-old Xandrei Ylliane Benecio who noticed an improvement on his health when he played football starting at the age of six.
ACM Football Team player 
Xandrei Ylliane Benecio with his mom Airis 
during their team’s launching at Salas Real

“His asthma attacks stopped,” Airis BelleBenecio, Xandrei ‘s mother told this writer.

Football also helped develop Xander's social skills and sportsmanship because of his interaction with his teammates in the 60-player ACM Football Team, a group coached by former Azkals player Chiefy Caligdong.

Most of them come from Barotac Nuevo, a town in Iloilo that is called the Football Capital of the Philippines.

Caligdong calls on the local government to help kids like Xander who come from grassroots communities. “Once we start them young, it would be easy to educate them."

Good players also spring from good coaches. Caligdong stressed the importance of tapping LGUs to educate coaches. "If we have good quality coaches, we will have good players."

He also encourages every village to have a small football field. "This will prevent the youth from engaging in vices and playing with gadgets because they have a place where to play."

The team was founded by ACM Landholdings Inc, developer of a fast-rising residential estate called Salas Real in Brgy. Tacas, Iloilo City’s Jaro District.

ACM Football Team

"Three years ago, we bought a property here in Jaro. We said, what better way to build goodwill among Ilonggos than to sponsor football, a sport that they love. We have been holding annual football tournaments since 2014 with Chiefy as our sports ambassador. We believe in Chiefy’s advocacy," said Angelina Magsanoc, ACM Group Vice President for Business Development and Corporate Marketing.

Magsanoc said that ACM Homes' support for grassroots football is a testament to their holistic approach to community building.

ACM Homes sports ambassador Chiefy Caligdong: Build football fields in all villages. Support players from grassroots communities.

Apart from building beautiful modern homes with a touch of Jaro's Spanish heritage, and supporting football, they will also put up their signature amenity - a greenhouse where families can plant edible ornamentals that they can later on sell.

They will also have sports clinics, art workshops, a reading room, and financial literacy seminars. These amenities are currently present in their other communities in the country.

Ceremonial kick-off headed by ACM Landholdings Inc’s Angelina Magsanoc, sports ambassador Chiefy Caligdong and Jose Ramon Garcia of the United Football League.

ACM Landholdings Inc. is partly owned by Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC), one of the largest seafaring companies in the country. They recognize that Iloilo is home to thousands of seafarers, their target market. Thus, they invite seafarers to set up their homes in Salas Real.

Participants to the ACM Football Tournament 

“ACM has cultivated a deep respect for the brave and devoted family men who are part of the 400,000 seafarers all over the world who dream of providing a beautiful home and a good life for their families,” ACM stated in a press release./Kathy Villalon/ Photos by Iloilo Updates /For more photos, click here: Football Fever 2017

Participants to the ACM Football Tournament 

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