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Have you blessed your shoes lately?

While staring at photos of cool and hip sneakers that are part of the Converse 2017 Spring-Summer Collection, my focus shifted to things that we have taken for granted but used daily because they play an important function in our daily hustle and bustle.

One example is our footwear, which protects us from harmful objects such as dust, mud, stones, sharp objects, contaminated soil and roads and more.
In her morning meditation on YouTube, Louis Hay stressed the importance of blessing things that we use but normally take for granted. When we bless our things daily, we give them -- and us -- a dose of good vibes.

Converse launches 2017 Spring-Summer Collection
Meanwhile, let me go back to what started this article in the first place – Converse 2017 Spring-Summer Collection.
The collection consists of their popular sneakers from the past, but bearing modern designs and using their latest technology -- Lunarlon (from Nike), padded non-slip tongue, and micro suede lining, among others.
Every Conv…