Miniso, for all the things I need

Miniso is one of those brands that place the environment in the forefront of its business. This Japanese designer brand pursues a life philosophy of 'simple, natural and quality'. 

According to its website, Miniso "learns from nature, pursues high quality, while paying attention to natural resources and environmental protection." They also make sure their products and materials are safe to use while still being fashionable.

Miniso has more than a thousand stores around the world, Iloilo City included. Housed at the second floor of SM City Iloilo’s North Wing, it showcases over 10,000 types of products such as creative home necessities, health and beauty, fashion jewelry, office supplies, stationery gifts, seasonal products, etc.

Ever since Miniso opened in Iloilo City, it has become our go-to place whenever we need something at home because almost everything we need is there and for a price that is as low as P99.

Check out these items that we found in Miniso.

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