Why Sinukad Restaurant is unforgettable

Out of town folks like me once wished there will be restaurants near where we live. So, we were quite happy to learn that just one tricycle ride from our place is a haven of mouthwatering native dishes - Sinukad Restaurant in Brgy. Bigke, Leganes.

What makes Sinukad Restaurant unforgettable is the fact that I, who thought that oysters are hideous, finally became a fan again.

My love-turned-hate relationship with oysters started when I was about 11 years old. We had oysters for dinner. Since there was a power outage at that time, we ate by candlelight. Curious little me dissected the oyster and thought that it really looked awful and slimy. That ended my love affair with oysters.

But, there are second chances. Mine was with Sinukad Restaurant's best-seller Buttered Oysters. Who could resist the aroma and taste of butter and crispy garlic on top of freshly baked oysters?

Baked Oysters by Sinukad Restaurant

Their Sizzling Oysters is a must-try too. The succulent meat is mixed with red, hot chilies and served on a sizzling plate. It is piping hot when served on your table. It is a perfect partner for your rice or ice cold beer.

For those who love soup, I would recommend their Chicken Binakol - a hearty coconut milk-based soup with native chicken, coconut meat, spices and herbs. The dish is served in a 'kaldero' or cooking pot. Their other dishes are served on a 'kalaha' or cooking pan. Forget about expensive china, Sinukad Restaurant is its authentic Ilonggo self.

Another Pinoy classic - Grilled Liempo - is available either plain or marinated. The plain one was flavored with salt while the latter tastes slightly sweet.

One of their best-sellers is their Native Chicken. The meat is tender and tasty compared to other commercially sold chicken. We paired it with their well-flavored Fried Rice.

Roasted Native Chicken

These will not be complete without their vinegar as dip. Shane Golipatan, part-owner and manager of Sinukad Restaurant revealed that they make their own Sinamak - native vinegar mixed with chili, ginger and other spices. They also sell these for P100 (small bottle) and P180 (big bottle).

Even on weekdays, the place is filled with diners during lunch and dinner. There are even more diners come weekends. Shane expects more people coming in when the planned Iloilo-Guimaras bridge, which would start from Brgy. Bigke, becomes a reality.

Oyster Sisig

They also cater to special occasions through their new function rooms that can seat 60 to 70 persons. Their rental fee for 3 hours is P3,000 which is consumable.

When you are coming from Iloilo City, take a taxi and pass by the Coastal Road until you reach Leganes. The restaurant is to your left.

For us coming from Leganes, we hired a tricycle from the plaza and told the driver to bring us to Sinukad.

So, the next time you feel like feasting on oysters and native chicken, consider Sinukad Restaurant. You will discover that more mouthwatering fare awaits./Kathy Villalon

Buttered Shrimps

Chilies for Sinamak

Grilled Bangus

Pork Sisig

Sinamak sold at P180

Sinukad Restaurant

Sinukad Restaurant Function Room

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