5 delicious reasons to visit Nino's Burritos

What's not to love about Mexican food? Their popular dishes such as quesadillas, burritos, and tacos are filling and balanced because of the combination of protein (ground meat), dairy (cheese), carbohydrates (rice and tortillas) and vegetables.

Nino's Burritos at SM Southpoint Iloilo serves a wide variety of Mexican food for your discriminating taste buds. During a visit to Nino's Burritos at SM Southpoint Iloilo, we tried five of their many mouthwatering offerings. Here they are.

Platillos with Burritos, Tacos and Quesadillas
Good for 3 to 4 persons (even 5 for those on a diet), Platillos are available in two combinations. Platillos A includes burrito, quesadilla, nachos, and drink. Platillos B includes burrito, taco, nachos, and drink). Never mind your waistline, this plato fuerte is worth the trip. Price: P550

One can also order these items separately. Their Quesadillas and Burrito are available in three sizes - solo, regular and large. For their tacos, you get to choose between a hard or soft taco and from 1 piece to 4 pieces. The fillings are varied, like chili beef, cheese, chicken, and ham and cheese, among others.

Chicken Pops
Crispy yet soft chicken skin and meat, their Chicken Pops is a winner. This dish is available three ways; Chicken Pops only at P150, Chicken Pops with Nachos at P175 and Chicken Pops Rice Meal at P99.

Picanto Wings
"Picanto" is a Catalan word for "small chicken". At Nino's Burritos, they serve it sweet and spicy and topped with cabbage. Picanto Wings is available as ala carte at P220 or rice meal with Blue Lemonade drink at P125

Sizzling Seafood
An ala carte and dish meant for sharing, Sizzling Seafood includes shrimps, squid rings and fish cutlets bathed in a sauce with sliced bell peppers. It can be your appetizer or you can eat it with rice. Price: P340

Chili Con Carne
Another ala carte offering from Nino's Burritos is their hearty Chili Con Carne which includes flavorful ground beef topped with cheese and mayonnaise and comes with nachos on the side. Price: P185

At Nino's Burritos, there are options for those who strictly follow the vegetarian diet. Vegetarian Combo for Burrito is priced at P175 and P215 and Vegetarian Nachos at P130 and P230.

Rice meals for as low as P99 are also available at Nino's Burritos any time during their business hours. Their rice meals are Chicken Pops (P99), Pollo Fritto (P99), Cerdo Fritto (P99), Fish Fillet (P99), Chili Beef (P99), Fried Chicken (P105), Chili Con Carne (P115), Calamares (P120) and Picanto Wings (P125). Every rice meal comes with their thirst quenching limonada - Blue Lemonade.

Recently they started to offer four Grilled Treats. Costillitas de Cerrado is a fare of lip-smacking baby back ribs, available at one piece or two pieces for P120 and P160 respectively. If you love pork belly barbecue, then Panza de Cerrado Asada is for you for only P120. They also offer pork chop or Chuleta de Cerrado for only P120 and chicken barbecue or Pollo Asado for P120. These Grilled Treats already include rice. For unli rice, just add P15.

Image source: Nino's Burritos Facebook Page

Added to the charm of Nino's Burritos is its Aztec and Spanish decors that complete the Mexican feel of the place. At one side of the wall are different paintings of the sun, a symbol of life and light and an important symbol in Mexican culture. In fact, the flag of New Mexico in the United States uses the sacred Zia sun symbol.

They also play Latino music to complete the experience. Once in a while, we hear the popular song Despacito played and we're so tempted to stand up and try their dance moves.

But nah, we'd rather enjoy the irresistible fare before us because they are made fresh, made good. Because of this, Nino’s Burritos was chosen as the Best Filipino Inspired Mexican Restaurant in the 2016 and 2017 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence.

Take a trip to Mejico, visit Nino's Burritos at the ground floor of SM Southpoint Iloilo.

Love and light!

Nino's Burritos
Contact numbers: (033) 5015067 and 09173093611

Text and photos: Kathy Villalon and Iloilo Updates

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