Jamie’s Steak Room launches Lunch Express and Afternoon Snacks

One misconception about Jamie’s Steak Room is that it is a place for fine dining. 

Perhaps it’s the word “steak” and the tastefully designed interiors of black and brown that created this impression. But regular patrons of Jamie’s Steak Room would attest to the fact that their steaks, especially those sourced locally are so affordable and good-tasting. So, the apt description would be “modern casual dining.”

In addition to that, not only do they serve affordable steaks, they also offer a good selection of healthy salads and appetizers, as well as fish, chicken and pork dishes.

After my third visit at Jamie’s Steak Room, I would believe that many misconceptions about the restaurant are not true. As a personal rule, I am not going to write about a restaurant if I don’t like their food.

BBQ Spareribs

Recently, Jamie’s Steak Room launched two exciting offerings, their Lunch Express and Afternoon Snacks.

Jamie’s Steak Room Lunch Express includes meals that won't put a dent in your budget because each ala carte meal costs only P198.
They are served with unlimited rice and house side salad with mango vinaigrette. These are:
* BBQ Spare Ribs, deep fried spareribs tossed over barbecue sauce
* Fish Fillet Teriyaki, deep fried fish fillet served with teriyaki sauce
* Tenderloin Tips with House Mushroom Gravy, seared tenderloin steak tips with house mushroom gravy.
* Chicken Schnitzel, deep fried chicken slices with house garlic gravy

Chicken Schnitzel

For your merienda pleasure, Jamie’s Steak Room also serves a good selection of Afternoon Snacks priced at P120 to 150. These are:
* Baked Penne - baked penne pasta, ground beef, mushroom and tomato concasse
* Baked Mac & Cheese - baked macaroni in Bechamel Sauce and Parmesan cheese
* Monte Cristo - deep fried ham and cheese sandwich
* Onion Steak Sandwich - open faced grilled loaf bread with tenderloin tips, house mushroom gravy, caramelized onions and crispy lettuce
* Surf Sandwich - open faced grilled loaf bread with fried fish fillet, roasted sesame, coleslaw and crispy lettuce
* Chicken Burger - chicken patty, Dijon dressing, tomato, crispy lettuce and onion in Brioche bun

Tenderloin Tips with House Mushroom Gravy

Made by their sister company Bluejay Cafe, their bread do not use lard, thus free from hydrogenated fat, according to Jamie’s Steak Room owner Ms. Arlene Juan Tong.

Jamie's Steak Room is home to local and imported steaks priced starting at P280. Their best-sellers are:
* Signature Steak - Flank steak served with Bearnaise and Creamy Mashed Potato
* Filet Mignon - bacon wrapped Beef Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce and steamed rice
The beef for both dishes is locally sourced. The same with:
* Steak Diane - round steak with creamy mushroom sauce and Pasta Napolitana
* Surf and Turf - tenderloin fillet and lemon butter prawns served with garlic
The above-mentioned steaks are served with French beans and corn.

Chicken Burger

They also serve USDA certified beef such as Prime Ribeye, Black Angus Ribeye, Black Angus New York Cut, Double Petite Steak and Cowboy Striploin. All are served with French beans, corn, Bernaise and pepper sauce.

You can have them cooked rare (red center, soft), medium rare (warm red center), medium (pink and firm), medium well (slight hint of pink) and well done (grilled and brown throughout).

Monte Cristo

Jamie’s Steak Room is located on the second floor of SM Southpoint, SM City Iloilo. For more updates from Jamie’s Steak Room, like and follow their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jamiessteakroom/

Baked Mac and Cheese

Onion Steak Sandwich

Surf Sandwich

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