The first years last forever

The early years of a child are crucial because it is a time when the foundation for adulthood (positive or otherwise) is established.

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc. believes in this so they have made building the future of children an advocacy through education.

It is a learning center that leads in terms of making Math, English and Singaporean Math made easy. It is located at the Narita Building, Delgado Street. While this is its first learning center in Iloilo City, this is Galileo’s 34th in the whole country.

“Galileo is our lifetime advocacy that opens minds and enriches lives. Our philosophy in guiding students is to impart mastery of the topic, which is principal to lifelong learning. Our namesake substantiates our existence: Galileo's fearless and adventurous pursuit of knowledge has inspired us to impart his legacy to learner-adventurers in today’s evolving world. Our learning environment creates a positive visual and emotional appeal to the learners. Every Galileo learning day is a happy day!" stated the center's brochure.

"We believe that there are many dedicated educators in the Philippines and we just need to harness and share our knowledge of the effective practice in the industry. We know that it takes a collaborative effort to uplift the industry in general but through this program, we believe that we are making a difference in improving the quality of education through the children we teach. Parents' system and support to reinforce the learning process at home are important to developing the learning skills of children. Our teachers, on the other hand, are provided with the necessary skills to unlock and to explore the children's potential for learning," it stated further.

The brochure also listed the 5 ways of learning that they provide. As follows:

Tactile Launchpad
This center aims to harness bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in the learner so it developed activities that support motor skills through concrete tools like puzzles and manipulatives.

Space Race
This center aims to build speed and accuracy in the learners, so they have activities which reinforce rules of thinking by sight reading and mental computation. These activities build speed and accuracy through oral drills.

Nova Data
This center aims to develop critical thinking and mastery through activities that harness reading and writing skills through print- based materials.

Cyber Explorer
This center aims to enhance the learner's knowledge through technology. They employ game-play elements in developing English and Math skills.

Book Galaxy
This center aims to enrich the learner's vocabulary and comprehension through reading activities that allow literary appreciation through a wide selection of books.

Math Program
Mathematics as Problem-Solving. The ability to apply mathematical skills confidently and meaningfully to unfamiliar situations is the goal of mathematics instruction.
Mathematics as Communication. Reading, writing, modeling, drawing and discussing are all important tools in helping children to explore, convey and clarify mathematical concepts and ideas.
Mathematics as Reasoning. Giving children opportunities to analyze, draw conclusions, and justify their thinking helps them gain a sense of self-reliance and confidence in their mathematical abilities and helps them see that mathematics makes sense.
Mathematics as Connections. Helping children see how concepts and ideas in one area of math relate to other areas of math, other subject areas, and their everyday lives foster an appreciation of the usefulness of mathematics.

English Program
Language use is an active process of constructing meaning.
Language in used in a social context.
Language is used in increasingly complex ways.
Language arts literacy is multi-dimensional.
Reading comprehension is a way to develop communication skills.
Reading comprehension is a way to develop analytical skills.

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