There is always time for tea

Saturdays I make time for quality time which normally includes face to face conversations over good food with family and friends. Recently, most of these meaningful conversations with my tribe take place in Mrs. Wharton Pastries, London Bakes and English Teas at SM Southpoint Iloilo.

One Saturday morning, it was about “having crushes and the benefits of waiting for the right one to come along” with my sister and niece over English Breakfast, S’mores and Apple Crumble with Ice Cream at Mrs. Wharton Pastries, London Bakes and English Teas.

English Breakfast at Mrs. Wharton Bakes and Pastries, SM Southpoint Iloilo

Mrs. Wharton's English Breakfast is served daily from 7 am to 12 noon. Adjusted to the Filipino palate, it includes bacon, two sunny side up eggs, toasts, beans and a choice of sausage or ham. This hearty plated breakfast priced at P150 is also made more enjoyable by add-ins to choose from; yogurt, almond butter, French toast, pudding, fruits, cheesy frittata, cappuccino muffins, salted caramel pancake, brioche pudding, scones, Waldorf salad, green salad, and oatmeal. Prices are 30 and 50 pesos.

I also hope my niece would remember how she and her younger sister tickled each other and laughed at their heart's content while seated on the light blue colored sofa set against a brick wall in this tastefully designed joint. The nephew - the gadget guru and the Math and Science wiz - sat lonesome but content with his Saturdays-only gadget at the other sofa set against a wall art of London.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Another meaningful Saturday conversation in Mrs. Wharton took place with a young boy who shared his dream of becoming a chef. He understands that learning skills and having food preparation experience at a young age can prepare him for it. Such conversation took place during a food trip of Lasagna, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Sausage with Mashed Potato and Gravy, Creme Brulee, British Pudding and Smashed Cake. He savored each bite, checked what the food is made of and said which ones he liked - just like what a chef would do.

I told him about the restaurant’s owner Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton, a street smart, single mother who attributes her success to working hard, focus, discipline, non-stop learning and serving God, the source of it all.

A year or so prior to opening this business, “Babes” as we fondly call her, has gone back to her hobby which is baking. She even designed a special tutu-like apron that she sold to friends. Wasting no time, she opened Mrs. Wharton at the lobby of another successful business of hers, Spa Riviera. Mrs. Wharton then was a small but cozy place that can accommodate a few people. A year later, they opened their doors in SM Southpoint to accommodate more sweet yearnings.

The Mrs. Wharton - Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton

The little boy recently said he wants to be a seaman after he saw photos of his cousin in Italy. Oh, to be young and impressionable. But wherever God brings him someday, I hope the success story of Babes, his cousin’s and that of other people he will meet along the way will inspire him to make wise choices.

It was going to be Mother’s Day the next day, so he decided to buy a love box for his mom. Mrs. Wharton's love box, priced at P150 includes 3 cupcakes of choice. The options are Red Velvet, Vegan Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ganache and Apple Cinnamon.

Three cupcakes and Watermelon-Cucumber Shake

At the other tables are couples, girlfriends, families or those who are alone enjoying their time. Once in a while, some stood up to place additional orders. The friendly staff are up and about, always gracious and ready to help. They wore Mrs. Wharton’s signature tutu aprons and their brand of service.

Then, there are conversations with fellow adults. Conversations with fellow Iloilo bloggers are quite educational. The topics are usually about OOTDs (outfit of the day), food trips, travel, blogging, and politics among others. Recently, we gathered over Tiramisu Cake, Ferrero Rocher Cake, Smores Cake, coffee, and tea. Some of them raved about the fun they had during Dress Your Own Shublig, a daily Mrs. Wharton offering starting at 6 pm.

Mrs. Wharton Pastries, London Bakes and English Teas, SM Southpoint Iloilo

Mrs. Wharton is a great place to have an afternoon tea (very English). One can take it plain or what the English usually do - put milk or cream. There’s something relaxing about drinking tea. Perhaps because tea is meant to be sipped slowly. Scones, a round bread that is lightly sweetened, goes well with tea and it is available at Mrs. Wharton.

Ferrero Rocher Cake

No matter what the reason; girl talk, business meetings, event planning, to read a book, to think, or break bread with loved ones, Mrs. Wharton has the perfect dessert, savory or beverage that would go with your conversations.

Life is short, make time for tea.

Scroll down for more photos and Mrs. Wharton's contact information.

Life is short, make time. So, work hard but play hard.

Visit Mrs. Wharton at SM Southpoint Iloilo Iloilo. They are open from 7 a.m. to 11 pm./Kathy Villalon

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Apple Cinnamon

Apple Crumble with Ice Cream

Apple Galette

Wall art with blooms make the place feel homey

British Pudding

Scones go well with tea

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