Sea Spa: relaxing escape to the sea and the surf

Juana who works too much even on weekends ends up feeling tired. Too tired to give time to the little one who is asking for attention or to a sad friend who needs a listening ear. Juana cannot give time for others as she lacks time herself.

Maria who thinks too many negative thoughts ends up feeling agitated. So, when a troublesome experience happens, Maria easily gets irritated and spews out hurtful words. She cannot give peace if she does not experience peace.

Take a trip to Adhara Boutique Resort and have a Sea Spa

But because Lourdes has so much love in her heart, she is able to love and forgive the likes of Juana and Maria for having a bad day.

“We cannot give what we do not have." There is a ring of truth to this phrase in both the tangible and intangible like quality time, full attention, and love, among others. Life is not perfect, we all experience these but we are not powerless.

I cope by communing with nature. A visit to the beach at least three times a year is already enough to calm my restless soul. If that trip to the beach is not possible yet, I tune in to YouTube, play my favorite nature sound - the soft sound of the waves kissing the shore - as I visualize myself lounging idly on the beach or getting a good massage.

Imagine waking up and looking at the beach from one of these beautiful villas of Adhara Boutique Resort and later in the day, proceed to the cabana for a Sea Spa pampering

What I visualized has come to fruition recently when Spa Riviera invited me to experience Sea Spa, a two-hour-and-30-minute pampering therapy that they manage at Adhara Beach Resort in Anhawan, Oton, Iloilo.

We contacted Spa Riviera to book our schedule. Ms. Rayleen was very patient enough in answering our queries and she also suggested which services would go well together. I also explained to her that I am pre-hypertensive, so when the day came, they brought a blood pressure checker. I didn’t get to use it but truly grateful for their effort. So, when you book your Sea Spa schedule, ask questions and share whatever concerns you may have.

One of the two cabanas where we had our Sea Spa experience. There are two beds inside the cabana.

The day came. We took an Oton-bound jeepney from San Rafael in Mandurriao, Iloilo City (in front of Monkey Grounds Coffee). Since we have extra money that time, we hired the jeep for only P300. If you choose to wait until the jeep gets filled up, that’s okay, too. Fare is P15 per person.The trip from San Rafael to Adhara Boutique Resort takes about 40 minutes.

Let me walk you through our Sea Spa experience. As recommended, we arrived at the resort 30 minutes ahead of our appointment. Typhoon Paulo made a landfall that day, so the ocean was angry but we were at peace. The howling wind and the movement of the trees were added treats for us who love the wind and rain so much. We had time to take photos of the beauty around us, including the horses as well as grab a light snack in Adhara's Azul Restaurant.

Welcome drinks and mood enhancers

We proceeded to the Sea Spa cabana. Therapists Chacha and Jocilyn settled us on the native chairs located outside the cabana to enjoy the welcome drinks, foot soak and mood enhancer. It was a perfect moment to reflect and express gratitude.

We entered the cabana which has two spa beds, a sink, wooden chairs and a corner for towels and robes. The windows that are facing the beach were opened at our request so that we can feel the sea breeze and hear the sound of the waves. It was bliss. And I got my much-needed sleep.

They also provide each guest with a beach bag to carry when going to the shower room. The bag initially contains a towel and some shower essentials. After each service, our kind and efficient therapists would slip in a fresh towel and robe.

Me with the beach bag and beach hat. Inset: What's inside the bag

After the three services are done, Chacha and Jocilyn gave us some alone time to sip a hot peppermint tea and enjoy the sound of the ocean.

Coming out of Sea Spa fully rejuvenated both physically and mentally, I felt lighter and peaceful, ready to treat life with more gentleness and view life positively, and energetic enough to give time for loved ones, backlogs, and the much-needed exercise. 

The Sea Spa package costs P1,500 which includes three services. Here are the six services to choose from:

Peace and Plenty Body Massage

Peace and Plenty Body Massage
A soothing and relaxing massage. Having a weekly body massage can do good as it relieves the body of pain and stiffness and it increases blood circulation. It reduces stress, too
Duration: 60 minutes

Watermelon Facial
The freshest fruit in season becomes food for your face. This anti-aging ritual uses essential oils to restore moisture and suppleness to the skin.
Duration: 45 minutes

Peace and Plenty Body Massage

Coco Loco Hair Bath
Head massage using coconut oil and argan oil to make the hair shinier and thick and encourage growth
Duration: 45 minutes

Sea Spa Exfoliating Scrub
A body scrub that is exhilarating, renewing and refreshing. Removes all the dead skin so that you can have a beautiful and glowing skin.
Duration: 60 minutes

Forever Young Body Wrap
An anti-aging skin treatment that helps renew skin and cell growth. For my service, they used papaya and watermelon which are rich in antioxidants. Papaya is a natural moisturizer and whitener. Watermelon hydrates and tones the skin.
Duration: 45 minutes

For the Sea Spa Exfoliating Scrub and Forever Young Body Wrap

Rest Now Foot Massage
A relaxing treat combining reflexology and Swedish foot massage using bamboo.
Duration: 60 minutes

For bookings and reservations, call Spa Riviera at 3382332 or 5090209. For updates, like their Facebook page: Spa Riviera. Their main branch is located at Jabez Building, General Luna, Iloilo City where they offer a wide range of spa services, too.

Do you feel weary and would like to escape for a while? Rest and heal amid the sea and the surf. Have a Sea Spa./Kathy Purr Villalon

When the adults are Sea Spa-focused, what do the kids do? Have fun in the pool!

Club Sandwich. A light grub at Azul Restaurant in Adhara Boutique Resort


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