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Customer experience and how to thrive in the tourism industry (Tips)

Globe myBusiness teaches SMEs how to stand out through a four-day workshop titled Digital Tools to Future-Proof Your Business at The Tides Hotel, Boracay Island where well-known entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers were tapped to share their experiences to motivate the participants.
Francis Miranda, an advertising consultant, and an entrepreneur has been helping businesses and guiding others with theirs; and traveling to as many places as he can. With one of his beliefs being to “tailor fit your life to how you want it,” he’s a firm believer in the idea that success comes to those who actively work for it and take all the opportunities they are given.

Customer Experience When it comes to creating the ultimate “wow” experience, Francis has only three guidelines: Extraordinary, progressive and consistent.
Make sure customers’ experience is beyond that of an ordinary shopping trip, treatment or procedure. Make sure it becomes progressively better as time goes by. And finally, make sure t…

Chicken Binakol of Iloilo

Held on the last weekend of January every year in Iloilo City is the Dinagyang festival, a religious and cultural festival in honor of the Santo Nino and to celebrate the selling of the island to Malay settlers by the Atis. Since there is no better way to culminate the festivities than over a home cooked meal shared with loved ones, let's cook an Ilonggo favorite.

Very similar to Tinola, the difference with this dish is the addition of young coconut water and its meat making the broth a little sweeter than you might be accustomed to. The key is to get a good balance of flavours by adding some saltiness (fish sauce/patis), bitterness (chili leaves/dahon ng silk), heat from some red chilis and ginger. The result is an aromatic symphony of ingredients that will have you drumming to the beat of a satisfied belly. Best served with steaming hot rice!


For the Paste:
4 Lemongrass stalks (use only white lower portion)
1 Red or White Onion (small) 
1 thumb Ginger (skin removed)
4 clov…