5 reasons to visit RoSMA Pebbled Cove Resort

RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort which is located in San Joaquin, Iloilo promises vacationers and day-trippers an exciting getaway.

RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort Infinity Pool

Here are five reasons why RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort is a good vacation spot.

1. It is located in San Joaquin, a beautiful town with many attractions.

San Joaquin in Iloilo is not only famous for its beaches but also for its colorful pebbles, thus the resort's name RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort.

Before or after your stay in RoSMa, you may also visit the San Joaquin Church. Built during the mid-1800s, the church is made of limestone and sea corals. Its facade features artwork about the Battle of Tetouan (final battle of the Spanish-Moroccan War) in 1860.

Located on the main highway, The Camposanto de San Joaquin is hard to miss. The cemetery features baroque architecture and it is made of coral stones.

Double Suite

2. RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort has accommodations that are ideal for different types of visitors. 

Their air-conditioned Double Suite has one double bed and one single bed, and it is good for three persons. The room cost already includes free breakfast for two.

Their air-conditioned Quadruple Suite is great for a four-member group. There is plenty of room for an extra bed. The room cost includes free breakfast for four.

They have two Family Huts on the second floor. Made of bamboo, each of these fan rooms has five beds. There is plenty of space inside that is why it can also accommodate 10 persons. The room cost includes free breakfast for five.

All the above-mentioned accommodations have a hot and cold shower, television, and table.

They also have nipa huts by the beach. Each hut is good for two persons. The hut rental includes free breakfast for two. (View their current prices here)

Quadruple Suite

3. Water Activities

The star of the resort is their infinity swimming pool which changes colors during the evening, thanks to their built-in light effects. The pool is safe for kids.

They have water rafts and kayaks for those who want a sense of adventure. 


4. Facilities That Offer Convenience

RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort has a restaurant named Big Boss Jeff. Here, they serve good food prepared by the RKW or RoSMa Kitchen Warriors.

Within the restaurant is an artistically designed bar that serves different kinds of beverages and spirits. 

RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort has a convenience store and souvenir shop with an international flair.


5. A View of Panay Gulf

Water has a way of relaxing one's weary mind and body. At RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort, visitors will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Panay Gulf.

Nipa hut by the beach

How to Get To RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort

The resort is located at Barangay Igcadlum and along the main highway of San Joaquin going to Antique.

If you're coming from the Iloilo Terminal (Super), take a Lawigan San Joaquin-bound jeepney. 

You may also take a bus from the Molo Terminal.

For both instances, tell the driver to drop you off at RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort.

The resort is located across the Igcadlum Primary School which is hard to miss because of its all-green color.

Their Family Hut has 5 beds but can accommodate up to 10 persons

How to Contact RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort

For inquiries and booking, you may message RoSMa Pebbled Cove Resort's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rosmapebbledcoveresort/

Breaded Squid Rings

Sizzling Chicken Liver

Sizzling Pork Sisig

Chicken Caesar Salad

Pan Grilled Tuna with Fruit Salsa

Fish and Chips

Sizzling Grilled Tuna

Chicken Teriyaki

Hoisin Peach Pork Ribs

Grilled Pork Chop

Kansi ala RosMa

Bihon Guisado

Sandwich Platter

Take a sip of RoSMa Surprise while enjoying the view of the Panay Gulf

Souvenir shop