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Pinoy talent is world-class: Ilongga actress

Everywhere a Filipino artist goes, he or she receives admiration, according to theatre actress and Ilongga, Shiela Valderrama, who plays the role of Anna in Resorts World Manila’s play “The King and I”.
Shiela started her theatre career at the age of 13 with Repertoire Philippines. One of her earliest stints was with Disney. “I was able to tour Asia because of my work and it’s an amazing feeling for me ... doing it for Filipinos. Di tayo matatalo. When we work abroad, Filipinos are always honoured,” she told the Iloilo media during a press conference held at Al Dente Restaurant. She came with actor Bo Cerrudo who plays the role of King Mongkuk, RWM’s Asst. Director for Membership Services and Operations Teddy Pojol and Chief Integrated Marketing Officer Martin Paz. “The King and I, the fifth masterpiece of the celebrated tandem of Rodgers and Hammerstein, is the story of a widowed English school teacher who travels to Siam to serve as tutor to the many children of the King. Anna’s task of…

Ilonggo is Hotdog Band vocalist

Do you know that the famous Hotdog Band, which prides itself of hits like Annie Batumbakal, Bongga Ka Day and Panaginip, has an Ilonggo vocalist?
He’s no less than Paul Clark.

Paul narrated that he loves singing even when he was still in elementary grade, but it was the lack of finances that hindered him from joining school activities. When he reached college, he became active in singing again. He joined singing competitions, became a part of the Sta. Teresita Parish Choir, was a cast of Jesus Christ Superstar musical and sang in weddings and even in funerals.

He made mention of the late George Canicula, Bimbo Muyuela and Benny Castillon of the University of San Agustin as his mentors as well as Jun Cortel of JPC Productions as the one who opened opportunities for him. “It was from JPC that I developed my confidence on stage,” he said. After a year with JPC, he decided to go to Manila to look for a job, with a plan to put singing aside.
“But God does not want me to stop entertaining people. …

Strength and courage are borne of faith

While waiting for our hatha yoga session to start at the Science of Identity Foundation, I read a book entitled “Multo” which explains what happens to a person’s soul after he dies.
Since my late husband committed suicide to avoid legal problems, the portion in the booklet about it interested me.

It said that if a person dies after deliberately hurting himself like suicide or even accidental like drug overdose, his soul will have difficulty ascending to heaven. Meanwhile, in a Catholic booklet on souls, a nun narrated that heaven is so beautiful that souls in purgatory look forward to the time when they’re totally cleansed of their sins. For those who committed suicide, it would be more difficult for them, so they appeal for prayers to help them attain paradise.
That’s why we have Gregorian masses for this purpose.
Suicide cases are all over the news and we hear several reactions like: “Kagaga sa iya, para lang sa lalaki mahikog gid sia?” and “Poor man, he was not able to endure the pain …

Gary V bikes to work daily

“My attitude now is to bike to work, rain or shine,” said singer and ASAP mainstay Gary Valenciano during his visit to Iloilo City recently.

“I would travel on my mountain bike from my house in Antipolo going to ABS-CBN. Then, from ABS-CBN to Pagcor. I do that and I really love it. And it feels so good when I get to the end point,” he said.

Some people have recognized him while on the road, he said. “They said, ‘Uy si Gary Valenciano ba ‘yan? I have my helmet, glasses and bandana on,” he added.
His friends who were worried about his safety said,  “Hoy mag-ingat ka sa bilis nga mga kotse,” Gary narrated. “Sabi ko, sa Manila hindi nga gumagalaw ang traffic eh. I even arrive at ABS-CBN before my car. I wait at the security area until my car comes,” he said laughing.
“I bike fast because I take the sidewalk. I don’t take the road all the time. My car just follows me,” he explained.
“That’s why I feel bad that I had to leave kaagad. I wanted to go to Guimaras Island sana. Guimaras is being tran…