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The sad plight of social workers

Day in and day out, social workers tend to the problems of the community they are assigned to, but do you know that they are also victims of the kind of job they lead?

During a forum on World Social Work Day held at the Central Philippine University, Edwin Arana of the Creative Community Foundation cited that when social workers face cases like child abuse, they also face harassment from perpetrators.
“Social workers spread their wings to cover other agencies. For example, the police have the guts to do a rescue whenever there is a registered social worker present. But, social workers feel fear especially when the perpetrator is a policeman or a person of authority,” Arana said.
Thus, he advised fellow social workers and students taking up Social Work to strengthen their hearts and their network. “Sin-o ang ula-an mo sang problema mo? Gabaton lang kita sang problema. Kaisa, ginabitbit ta ini sa balay. So we need help, too,” he added.
FAMILY AS VICTIMS Liane Garcia, provincial social welfar…

'A true designer knows how to cut and sew'

Aspiring Robinson Design Lab 7th Run contestants learned this lesson during the second elimination round held last February 3: a designer should know how to cut and sew his own creation.

This was the consensus among the three judges – journalist John Castigador, fashion designer Angelette Borja-Ragus and tourism officer Bombette Marin – when they were presented with the creations of Dauson Bermtay, Em Trava, Christian Infante, Elvie Doronilla and Karl Nadales.
Although the clothes came in suitable colors and beautiful designs, the judges noticed the fit and cut were wanting.
“It’s good if you have a background in cutting. You do it yourself,” Ragus advised. They also emphasized on the importance of wearability.
“Your model had difficulty going up the stairs. You also have to consider wearability, not just creativity,” Castigador told one designer.

Meanwhile, after noticing that the lining in a contestant’s creation showed, Ragus reminded them that if they should go into the designing busin…

Treat life like a game of chess, says Bea Plondaya

“God gives his hardest battles to his strongest and toughest soldiers.”
Success can be achieved if one treats life the way one plays the game of chess.

“Playing chess requires focus, tactical strategy, and pure mental concentration, said Blessed Bea Plondaya, a fourth-year high school student of St. Joseph School Iloilo.
“The same is required in a student’s life. You need to have focus and dedication as you set your eyes on all your aspirations. Tactical strategy is as vital in taking risks and looking at the possible challenges one may encounter. Lastly, pure mental concentration in the sense that you have to use not only your heart but also your mind in making choices,” she said.

And since she practices what she preaches, Plondaya has earned the following accomplishments recently; number one most outstanding student of the Outstanding Students Circle of Iloilo(OSCI), number two in the The Outstanding Students of Iloilo Awards (TOSIA) Circle of 5 and the fourth most outstanding student o…

The Jedi’s Quarters

Living spaces in the epic sci-fi movie Star Wars can be part of real-life space, as shown by interior design students of the University of San Agustin through their exhibit entitled “Reversion: Hyperspace to Real Space” held at SM City Iloilo recently.

A BACHELOR’S BEDROOM The bedroom design made by Louie May Ortiz, Jellah Yasa and Alvin Siastres for a bachelor, was inspired by the Jedi Order, a group of people who are the important characters in the Galactic Republic.
The trio used the colors gray, white and black in masculine and bold pieces. To create an illusion of space, they used mirrors.
Called the Refresher Station, the bathroom had a badge that symbolizes the Jedi troop.
They made use of red cove lighting, which reminded those familiar with Star Wars, of the Lightsaber, the Jedi’s samurai-like weapon.
MILLENNIUM FALCON LIVING AREA Meanwhile, Aldrinne Pille and Ron Matthews Espinosa made the living and study areas similar to the interior of the Millennium Falcon spacecraft, the popul…

Coffeebreak turns organic

If you taste something different with your latte at Coffeebreak, that’s because your favorite café is now using organic fresh cow’s milk!

Coffeebreak’s supply of fresh milk comes from its own organic farm (Orchard Valley Farm). The farm produced is organic and produced without antibiotics, synthetic chemicals and hormones. It comes from high quality imported cattle breeds raised without antibiotics and growth hormones.

With Orchard Valley’s organic agriculture, the cows graze in a chemical-free pasture land.

Coffeebreak has turned organic to offer loyal coffee lovers with a healthier coffee experience. (Source: Coffeebreak)