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‘Encounters’ by Emmanuel Lerona


The flavours of modern Iloilo at Punot


Latest food trends

With people becoming more busy and health-conscious, convenience stores and healthful food preparations are some of the popular food trends nowadays, according to a Manila-based chef during her visit to Iloilo City recently.

“There is a noted rise in convenience stores like 7/11 or Family Mart. They are also expanding their array of food offerings. Supermarkets, too have created areas where customers can just pick-up, take home and eat food,” Unilever Food Solutions Executive Chef Joanne Limoanco-Gendrano told the Iloilo media at the sidelines of the Chefmanship Academy held at The Venue.

“Second trend is, food is made more healthful. Unilever, through Chefmanship Academy, has worked with the Department of Health to make food attractive for hospitals and healthier for schools. Like adding malunggay in order to improve the students’ attention span and health. The focal point is on nutrition. We also try to address this through cooking demos. We combine things like white sauce with a pure…

Control flies to avoid spread of disease

While having flies at home seems to be a natural incidence, a doctor has advised Ilonggos to control the surge of these insects through cleanliness in order to avoid the spread of diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever.

“The wings of a fly have toxins. They carry millions of bacteria,” said Dr. Clemencia Bondoc, municipal health officer of Zarraga during the Swine and Poultry Sustainable Waste Management and social Responsibility Awareness Workshop last August 2-3, 2013.

“A fly can lay 200 to 3,000 eggs in its lifetime,” she added.

“The habits of the fly can make it eminently suited for the spread of diseases. The most important breeding places of these flies, in order of importance, are fresh horse manure, human excreta, manure of other animals, garbage, decaying fruits and vegetables, rubbish dumps containing organic matter and ground where liquid wastes are spilled. Adults delight in sputum, feces, discharges from wounds and open sores,” Dr. Bondoc explained.

She said flies…

Sino ang panalo? Ang bully or ang api?

“Shayne” told this writer that a child in their boarding house always gave him a hard time.

“Ralph grabbed my toys and when I asked him to give them back, he punched me,” Shayne said.

There were times when Ralph pushed Shayne and called him ugly names. But, it was found out later that Ralph’s father physically and verbally abused him. So, the boy bullied by his father has become a bully to another child.

Even adults are not spared from bullying. Just last week, 50-year-old parent was verbally abusing his 30-year-old son. At times, her “requests” to do household chores were delivered in a negative tone. It was enough to make the son feel hurt, defensive and irritable. He expresses his anger by answering back or shouting at his children. 

A bully can think of all kinds of ways to make another person feel hurt, afraid, uncomfortable, or just plain miserable. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Often bullies torment a victim over a long period of time, increasing the victim's sense …

Larga Sustainable Zarraga

The local government of Zarraga, civil society and piggery and poultry operators have committed to rid their town of flies and also make it a showcase of best practices in compost-making and organic farming.
This developed after residents complained of flies’ infestation and bad odor caused by the piggery and poultry businesses in the area.
To solve this, Mayor John Tarrosa of Zarraga called for a multi-sectoral workshop participated by village heads, businessmen, educators, environmentalists and government agencies last August 2-3 at the town’s gym.
The workshop was funded by the municipal provincial office and organized by MISSION (Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking).
MISSION pursues a tri-folding approach, where the political, cultural and economic sectors work together in achieving sustainability in a community. (Visit During the workshop, Atty. Jonathan Sayno, head of the Environmental …