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Capiz and Guimaras coco shell craft goes international

As more and more tourists land on the shores of Boracay Island by air, land and sea, the Department of Tourism Region VI has turned to the use of coconut shell craft pendant for its official welcome lei at the Kalibo International and Caticlan airports and Boracay (Cagban) port. These coco shellcraft pendants are made in Capiz and Guimaras provinces. “There is only one Boracay Island and not all provinces in Western Visayas can have it in them but all provinces can benefit from the blessings of tourism this flagship destination can bring to our region,” said Atty. Helen J. Catalbas, Regional Director of Department of Tourism Region VI.

“Come November 4, 2013, the maiden voyage of Start Cruises’ MS Super Star Aquarius with around 2,000 international tourists and crew is scheduled to arrive in Boracay Island for 6-8 hours shore excursion activities. They will go shopping, swimming, eating and drinking, sightseeing and some even get to experience the island’s numerous seaport activities,” …

What are you afraid of? Brillante Mendoza‘s ‘Sapi’

Brillante Mendoza Talks About His Latest Film “Sapi” On November 6, 2013, internationally acclaimed filmmaker Brillante Mendoza’s latest film “Sapi” will be shown in SM Cinemas nationwide. A project of Solar Films and Centerstage Productions, ‘Sapi” is, in his own words, “basically a horror film about a paranormal phenomenon of demonic possession. This paranormal occurrence has created widespread fear and curiosity.”

But again, Director Mendoza is no ordinary filmmaker, and if we will look at his filmography, we can expect “Sapi” to be no ordinary horror film. Here, the Cannes Film Festival 2009 Best Director shares his notes on “Sapi” with us. “People have the inclination to be afraid of the unknown. Things that are unknown to us usually create a mindset of fear and anxiety. Films that carry paranormal activities are commonly labelled as horror. Paranormal occurrence is one of the things that people would usually like to explore despite its unfathomable mystery. Even if it generates …

PH docu on child malnutrition wins grand prize in 2013 Unicef Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award

Reel Time’s SALAT (Bone Dry), a documentary made by GMA News TV highlighting child malnutrition in Philippines, won the Grand Prize at the 2013 Unicef Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award for broadcasting. Filmed in the Tondo district of Manila, one of the most poverty-stricken areas in the country, the documentary tells the story of Mary Rose -- a 10 year old whose height and weight are comparable to that of a 5 year old child. She lives with her five siblings, who have all been diagnosed as severely malnourished. 

Mary Rose said, “When I go to school, sometimes I get dizzy. I fall asleep on my chair in classroom because I haven't eaten. I don't get to eat because my mom doesn't have any money.” Despite this, Mary has never stopped pursuing her two greatest dreams in life – to finish her studies and to find out what chicken tastes like. Reel Time’s SALAT was praised by the jurors for addressing the issue of hunger very powerfully. Dr Javad Mottaghi, Secretary General of the Asia…

Volunteers make Leganes environment-friendly

Nancy Unarse, who does her morning walks at the Leganes Plaza, lamented the waste management practices in the town after seeing the litter of garbage everywhere. “For a long time, I wanted to do something, but I was working then,” she said. When she retired from work, she brought up the idea to her fellow morning walkers and joggers, who also expressed their support. Taking action, the group held their first meeting on July 16, 2013 with 62 individuals wanting to volunteer. The group was named Volunteers for a Better Leganes and the members have set out to make the town litter-free, beautiful and sustainable.

“Our first program is the beautification of Leganes,” Unarse, the group’s president said. “So, we cleaned and planted greens on the plaza every Saturday and Sunday. Now, we are working here every day,” she said. Currently, they have 20 active members, with some coming from the youth sector. Now, the grounds around the plaza are filled with plants and flowers, providing delight to walker…

10 commandments in choosing a candidate

“Civil society should tell barangay officials, ‘kami ang boss nyo’,” said Atty. Pearl Garganera-Gauzon, volunteer from Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). Thus, she urged residents to use their freewill to vote for the deserving candidates during the barangay elections on October 28.
“If we want our country to progress, we all should help. Indi ta pag-depend sa tawo nga ara sa poder,” she said. Gauzon said this during the second instalment of the PPCRV and Mission-Pagdihon, Inc. voters’ education activity in Iloilo City’s Gawad Kalinga Villages. The first activity was last October 20 at the GK Villages at Brgy. San Isidro, Jaro, Iloilo City. The second was last October 26 at GK Sooc in Arevalo, Iloilo City.

PPCRV AND MISSION Gauzon narrated that PPCRV was created during the time of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos because corruption was already rampant then. Then, the pork barrel scam happened in our time. Recognizing that corruption is related to the kind of off…

Civil society urged to participate in politics starting with voting

Civil society, which comprises you and me, are urged to participate in politics and governance in order to propel the community and the country to progress. One way of participating is to exercise one’s right to vote. Another way is to support the government’s projects and laws. Third is to help stop the cycle of corruption by refraining from becoming a recipient of vote-buying. These are the important points highlighted during the candidates’ forum and voters’ education activity held by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, Mission-Pagdihon, Inc. and Searching Souls Society in Brgy. Libongcogon, Zarraga, Iloilo last October 26, 2013.
The initiative was in preparation for the October 28 barangay elections.

“We have the moral and social obligation to know our candidates and to vote with our conscience. It’s not enough that we vote because somebody said this and that. We have to do our part in knowing our candidates,” Gemma Sumague, volunteer of PPCRV-Zarraga and Mission-…

Make the right choice during elections

Mission (Movement of Imaginals For Sustainable Societies Through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking), Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and Gawad Kalinga-Iloilo have partnered to bring voters’ education for the residents of GK Iloilo in preparation for the barangay elections on October 28, 2013. The first activity was held for the four GK villages at Brgy. San Isidro, Jaro, Iloilo City last October 19, Sunday. The participating villages were GK Peco Village, GK Cacho Village, GK Don Delfin Village and GK Assumption Village. This coming October 27, the activity will be held at the GK Village in Sooc, Mandurriao. The program started with a prayer led by GK Peco Village President Rodel Columna. It was followed with a welcome address from GK Don Delfin Village Project Director Glenn Gentozala. Both were introduced by Rodel Jaca, over-all coordinator of GK-Iloilo. Aurora Hugo, member of Mission, explained that the initiative is under Iloilo Padayon, a social media movement bro…

Sicogon natives storm DILG Iloilo to claim right to land

Farmers and fisherfolk from a village in Sicogon Island, Carles, Iloilo have been camping outside the Department of Interior and Local Government in Fort San Pedro, Iloilo for three days now in order to seek assistance in their clamor for a land they call theirs as well as protection from alleged harassment from armed men. “We, the natives of Sicogon as well as the farmer-beneficiaries of the CARP (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program) are being driven away by SIDECO from our homes,” said Amelia dela Cruz, vice president of the Federation of Sicogon Island Farmers and Fishers Association and president of the same sector’s barangay association in Fernando, Sicogon. Dela Cruz is referring to the 50-hectare public land in Brgy. Fernando, their relocation site. Previously, they stayed in a 22-hectare land but they were relocated in the 1970’s when SIDECO (Sicogon Development Corporation) started its resort development operations, she said. She said that since 2008, they have been asking the…

Inspiring the nation through excellence

Let’s start the bandwagon of transformative hope. Here’s one story that focuses on what’s good about mankind. People/organizations who help other people. Read on!

Inspiration comes from stories of success achieved by individuals. It has a certain ripple effect. Give people inspiration through your example and they, too, will create their own success stories, thus continuing this positive cycle that is very necessary in nation-building. “Inspire the nation” is the theme of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) or commonly called as the Jaycees as they hold their 65th JCI Philippines National Convention on October 10-13, 2013 at the Centennial Resort and Convention Center in Alta Tierra, Jaro, Iloilo City. Ryan Ravanzo, 2013 national president of JCI Philippines, said the organization is the leading global network of young individuals. “JCI is an organization of opportunity,” he said. He explained that many young people sign up because of the training, skills enhancement opportunities and w…

Resource use to adapt to climate change and resiliency disasters

By Prof. Jeanette Deslate, EnP
Nostalgia sets in as our grandparents would relate how they live many years back. Experiences remembered and spread by word of mouth would tell us that life long time ago was simple yet pleasant, slow but stress-free, work is done manually but the fruits are sweeter and healthy, families were big but stronger in difficult times.The world has become smaller with information technology and automation. People, too have changed: from simple and uncomplicated to complex and diverse. The same could be said about the environment: natural calamities have become stronger, fiercer and deadly. As people experience the wrath of natural calamities, specifically flooding and hurricanes, their attitudes towards resource use, like the sea, forests and rivers, have seriously considered how the present practices could affect the future.
Our country, the Philippines composed of more than 7,000 islands, is prone to severe natural disasters including volcanic eruptions, tropic…

Gradual phase-out of plastic bags in Iloilo City starts

Non-biodegradable plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past in Iloilo City. This, after the Iloilo City Council approved the ordinance on the Regulation of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Shopping Bags last Tuesday, October 8, 2013. The ordinance covers all forms of plastic that cannot be broken down by microbes to decay, thus they are called non-biodegradable. It is applicable to all business establishments and ambulant vendors doing business in Iloilo City. To give consideration to businesses, the ordinance will be gradually implemented for a period of four years starting its effectivity this year. For the first year of implementation, all establishments are required to reduce their plastic bags use once a week; second year, twice a week; third year, thrice a week; and fourth year, full implementation. The ordinance mandates the city environment and natural resources officer (CENRO) to include in the implementing rules and regulations the specific day that the prohibition is imposed.…

Leader tells fellow PWDs to be more responsible

Admitting that this would cause the ire of his fellow persons with disabilities, the new president of the Federation of PWD Associations in Iloilo City expressed that they need to be more responsible if they want to be part of the mainstream.

“We need to change our mindset,” said Mark Espesor, president of the FPWDA and also the head of the Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy.

“We are used to blaming others and insisting that things should be this way or that way. But they should also learn to understand that the other person may be having difficulties in providing for what you want,” he said.

While there is an existing law that promotes the welfare of PWDs, Espesor said this should not be misinterpreted. “If PWDs have the right to live here, so do others, too. Let’s promote respect so we can have harmony,” he said.

“In my term as federation president, I’d like this practiced. I know this issue is critical and some PWDs may not like what I say, but I believe this is what we need. L…