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DLP pushed as model for disaster-resilient education

Disasters and emergencies disrupt people’s lives.  Depending on the gravity of the devastation, it would take some time for affected communities to recover.
As efforts from various sectors to make the Philippines more resilient to disasters gain ground, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has positioned an innovative teaching framework to help reduce the disruptive impact of disasters to education.

The Dynamic Learning Program (DLP), which was developed by Ramon Magsaysay Awardees Dr. Christopher Bernido and Dr. M. Victoria Carpio-Bernido, promotes independent learning in students to improve academic performance particularly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
“We are taking a multi-pronged approach towards helping the country become more disaster-resilient.  We have been helping high-risk communities prepare for disasters through capacity-building initiatives, and giving affected communities the means to regain their economic footing via alternative livelihood op…

Doon Po Sa Amin: promoting love of place

Dinagyang Festival, Iloilo City’s world-class festival held every fourth Sunday of January, has reached greater heights and has wowed many foreign nationals. But, the time has come for it to touch the very grassroots of the province where it was born so  that it can be enjoyed more by the locals.

Ben Jimena, Iloilo City Tourism Development officer, revealed that there will be changes in the celebration of Dinagyang Festival 2015.
First, Dinagyang Festival 2015 will be less noisy. “We have noticed that drumbeats are no longer ‘in’ in the international scene. People leave when it is too loud. So, we will now discourage a very loud Dinagyang performance,” he said.
Second, other festivals will be invited and expensive props will be discouraged. In line with this, a new event will be launched; the Festival Costume Expo. “We have invited 30 major festivals all over the country to bring their costumes. One way of knowing a place’s local culture is to look at what they wear and the colors they u…

The inspiring story of ‘Fish’

Oftentimes, we hear people say they can no longer pursue their studies because their time and energy are eaten up by family responsibilities.
However, the life of entrepreneur Lenie Badaguas aka “Fish”, proves otherwise.

“Having a family should not hinder people from fulfilling their dream of finishing their education,” said Lenie, 32, owner of MIB Recycled Products and a resident of Oton, Iloilo. She and her husband Andrew make hospital scrubs, curtains, seat covers, bed sheets, uniforms, bags and purses, among others.
Lenie narrated that she was not able to attend formal elementary education. “But thanks to the Alternative Learning System at the Iloilo National High School, I received ample education in 2010 and became eligible for high school,” she said.
She graduated from the Oton National High School in April 2014 and she is now a sophomore student taking up BS Fashion Design and Merchandising at the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology.

Dressed in her uniform and onboard…

Living with nature at Parc Regency Greens

Beautiful Iloilo house and lots from Pro-Friends, Inc., 
developer of Parc Regency Residences and Monticello Villas
In the past, people yearned to go to Manila because it was perceived to have everything we want–opportunities, businesses, vast shopping malls, beautiful buildings and homes and good schools, among others.
I lived there from 1987 to 1992. After work, I had to stand on the roadside (even on the middle of the road when I got desperate) along with other commuters to wait for a jeepney to take us home. Chasing one jeepney after another and people pushing other people aside including the elderly in order to get a seat was a necessary but cruel reality then. Being able to get a seat was akin to winning a jackpot. Rest was the only interesting activity left upon coming home; but, even that was hard to come by if one shared a bedroom with other people. In a boarding house. In the middle of a noisy city. Every day, it was like that, until I decided go home to laid-back and nature-ri…