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Pay airline tickets with PayPal

Flying to the Philippines is not only more affordable than ever, but also more convenient, now that tickets aboard the country’s largest airline, Cebu Pacific Air (PSE:CEB) can be purchased through PayPal, a global leader in online payments. With PayPal, millions of travelers around the world will be able to pay for CEB air tickets to and from the Philippines in just a few clicks.

The Centre for Aviation’s (CAPA) low-cost carrier of the year, CEB is the first carrier in the Philippines to offer PayPal as a payment option. PayPal has over 157 million PayPal customers in 203 markets around the world. This partnership will help improve the customer experience for international travelers, making it more convenient and secure for them to purchase CEB tickets online.
“From planning a trip to booking flights, travelers are doing more online than ever before. Together with CEB, PayPal wants to make it even easier and quicker for travelers to book and pay for their flights online. We are delight…

Success from making chips

An array of newly-washed aprons in pink and blue colors neatly hanged in the clothesline in the front yard greeted visitors from the DSWD one fine Tuesday morning.
Inside the small bamboo house was another refreshing sight to behold: a husband busy cleaning and preparing the raw materials for banana and taro chips.
Couple Rosemarie and Relihioso dela Rama, residents of Barangay Tubudan, San Remigio, Antique have been engaged in banana and taro chips business since two years ago.

"If he's not busy in our farm, he's really the one doing all the preparations and the cooking," Rosemarie declared in dialect. She is thankful that she doesn't have to work so hard because Relihioso is always there not only for their business but also in running their household and even taking care and looking after the needs of their young children.

The couple is blessed with three kids, the eldest of which is in Grade 3 and the youngest in Kinder 1.

Due to their sheer determination to provid…

Earth food on your skin

Earth Food Organic Soap is nature’s way of taking care of your skin
Everyone wants to have good skin and others would spend a fortune on chemicals, which in the long run, does more harm than good.
To have healthy and glowing skin, we need not look far. Herbs, spices and oil extracts from plants have tremendous benefits on our body, inside and out. They are also natural.
For example, coffee, chocolate and orange are rich in antioxidants that protect and renew our skin from the harmful effects of pollution, ultraviolet rays of the sun and stress.
Cinnamon, a spice, is commonly sprinkled on bread. But, do you know that it reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and helps bring back blood to the surface of the skin? That is why some women apply it on their lips to make them plump.
Lavender, a herb, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective treatment for acne and wrinkles. It is also a wonderful skin toner because it stimulates blood flow to the skin cells. It relaxes…

Thoughtful gift ideas

We often say thatit's the thought that countswhen buying gifts.In case you need some extra help, here’s a list of thoughtful gift ideas you can give to a friend, a family member or even just to a stranger.
Give for a cause
*KKK bears and necklaces Instead of spending for a bucket of beer, inspire a friend or make a sick child happy by donating or buying a bucket of bear from Mga Kaibigan ng mga Kabataang may Kanser (KKK). The cute and colorful teddy bears costs only P100. Match it with a multicolored bucket, each adorned with inspiring quotes that costs only P50. Proceeds from the purchased buckets of bears will help fund KKK programs. If you choose to donate it, you’ll also put a big smile on a face of a cancer-stricken child. For only P180 also, you too can help support the chemotherapy of KKK kids. This, in exchange of an angel necklace which comes with a chain and mesh pouch.

*Never, never give up shirts You can also show off KKK’s famous missionstatement, “Never, Never Give Up” t…