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Francis Ian Chua's Candy Crush

Photography by Al Destacamento
I have known fashion designer Francis Ian Chua for many years now and I can still remember his fashion show in the past where he used old CDs in his designs.

Trust him to come up with innovative ideas even up to now. I’m referring to his theme for the Fiber Fashion Fair 2015 held in SM City Iloilo last August 24-28, 2015 -- Candy Crush Saga.

He combined multicoloured hablon with stripes and plain fabrics such as cotton, chiffon and satin to come up with cocktail dresses and gowns. One cannot help but feel happy when looking at this choice of vibrant colors that include amber, pink, bud green, dark green, apple green, azure and black.

Although his target wearers are aged 18 to 26 years old, anyone with a sophisticated and bubbly personality would look good wearing his collection.
To promote hablon further, Chua shared that he uses the material when creating clothing for debuts, weddings and even day to day wear.
"I combine hablon with other materials to g…

Ram Silva in Anyag

Ram Silva, one of Iloilo's bankable designers, used his creativity to pay homage to a valuable sector of our economy, the farmers.
He did so while playing with colors like azure, blue yonder, gray, cadmium green and fuschia during the Fiber Fashion Fair 2015 held at SM City Iloilo last August 24-28, 2015 which highlighted 'hablon', any woven fabric made from a mix of local materials like abaca and pina.

"My inspirations are the farmers of Barotac Nuevo, my hometown. I have seen their struggles of working under the heat of the sun or under the pouring rain just so they will have something to feed their families. They inspire me to do good and to be good at what I do," Silva said.
In his collection called Anyag, Silva used Miag-ao hablon and duchess satin to create wearable dresses for ladies coming from all walks of life and those who are budget-conscious. The hats worn by the models were made of hablon, too.
Even outside of the fair, Silva infuses his creations with…

6 insights towards financial wellness

It is good to consume things using your hard-earned money, but balance it by investing on your future, on your dreams, your family and your children. Nuri Barrios, Unit Manager of Sun Life and a licensed Mutual Fund Representative shares the following insights on achieving financial wellness:
1. Investment is the key to passive income. Investment is money at work. It is the secret of the rich. 2. Know that saving is different from investing.  Saving is for short-term needs (e.g. bills, immediate expenses, emergency fund); but money meant to stay intact for years should be invested. 3. A good investment is something that earns better than the inflation rate.  4. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, “Invest a little each time, all the time,” is a wise advice from Bam Aquino, Sun Life’s investment advocate. 5. Read and be educated.  A good book to start with is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Learn about different investment vehicles, like Mutual Funds. Sun Life Asset Management Co…

GT Papaya Lotion, new look for GT creams line launched

From making 50 handcrafted papaya soap bars a day in 1994, GT Cosmetics Manufacturing, Inc. is now offering GT Papaya Lotion for local and international markets.
Their creams line also has a new look! This includes a classy new container, a new box, and increased content from 15 grams to 20 grams at no additional cost.
Engr.  Leonora B. Salvane, GT Cosmetics Founder and Chief Operating Officer, described the GT Papaya Lotion as a moisturizing and whitening lotion that is intended for the young, active and on-the-go market which explains the smaller, easy to bring along tube.

“All these are GT Cosmetics Manufacturing’s way of appreciating and thanking our loyal customers for their continued patronage and support for our products as we move towards the ASEAN Integration by end of this year,” said Salvane.
Celebrating its 21st year this year, GT Cosmetics Manufacturing plans to harness the opportunities in the emerging markets of Asia. It is making itself ready to make the most of the oppor…

Megaworld’s Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. net profit up 69.6% in 1H


From DSWD beneficiary to carer

I MET her three years ago. She was then clasping the hand of her son who was leaning on her in what looked to be a genuine show of protection.

That time, she was listening to lectures from the National Government Agencies (NGAs) on their different programs. She was one of the participants of the Beneficiaries Congress organized by the Social Marketing Unit of DSWD Field Office VI to help them access the services of the government and find their way to uplift their living condition.
Ninfa Cape Alejandro of Jamindan, Capiz paid attention as speakers from Philhealth, Department of Agriculture, Technical Educations Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and Department of Health (DOH) talked about their services. She also scribbled some notes every now and then.

Miag-ao hablon weaving

Buying, using, giving as presents and promoting our local products are ways to help the local economy. One of these recommended products is ‘hablon’ because this is not just a commodity but this is also a reflection of a community's culture and dreams.
Hablon came from the word ‘habol’, a local word that means ‘weave’. Thus, hablon refers to the weaving process and the finished product that is common in places like Miag-ao, Villa and Antique province, all in Panay island in the Philippines.

During  a media and bloggers' trip to the town of Miag-ao in southern Iloilo, we visited their showrooms  (one is at the town proper and another one is at Brgy. Indag-an) where hablon products such as shawls, barongs, gowns, clothing material, accessories and storytelling dolls wearing hablon dresses, among others, are on display. No less than the town mayor, Hon. Macario Napulan welcomed us.

Tourist Attraction Mayor Napulan shared that Miag-ao is known for two things. One is the Sto. Tomas de…