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Birthday cake ideas from Mrs Wharton Pastries

Every celebration deserves a cake that radiates happiness, excitement and success.
For my father-in-law's birthday celebration a few months ago, his son and daughter brought a uniquely designed birthday cake from Manila.
There were two other cakes brought to the party, but it was the colorful and intricately designed one that got everyone excited. It was the second time I saw people go gaga over a cake.

A birthday is an exciting part of one’s life. The highlight, which is usually a birthday cake, should be able to elicit the same emotion. Such are the birthday cakes of Mrs. Wharton Pastries.
"Our birthday cakes are beautifully designed. You may choose between our classic and romantic themes for either red velvet or chocolate ganache," said Mrs. Wharton Pastries' owner Anna Marie Rivera-Wharton.

Red Velvet Cake is usually made of cocoa powder, butter and vanilla while Chocolate Ganache is a luxurious cake made from dark chocolate and cream. Mrs. Wharton Pastries uses high…

Tycoon brings Europe to Iloilo

Business tycoon Andrew Tan is bringing the beautiful architecture of Europe in the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park township of Megaworld, the country’s largest developer of integrated urban townships.
“He recognizes that not everyone can go to Europe, so he wants to bring the wonders of the architecture of Europe to the Philippines,” said Harold Geronimo, assistant vice president and head of Public Relations and External Affairs.

“Lafayette Parksquare is a fusion of Spanish and French. One Madison Place is Mediterranean. While The Palladium has a modern design, it has European flare,” said Geronimo during a press conference at the Richmond Hotel at the Iloilo Business Park last August 18, 2016.
Sensing the warm acceptance of the Ilonggos (based on the fact that the units of the abovementioned towers are almost sold out), Megaworld launched Saint Honore, the sixth residential tower of Megaworld at the Iloilo Business Park.
This 10-storey condominium was inspired by Paris’ Rue Saint-Honore,…

10 must-eats at DoVa Brunch Cafe

Brunch lovers or just about anyone who craves for a satisfying dish will be treated to varied delicious and cooked-to-perfection selections at DoVa Brunch Cafe.
DoVa sprung from owner Miguel Cordova’s love for brunch and his experience of Cambodia’s brunch culture. Impressed with the different brunch cafes in this southeast Asian country, Miguel yearned of putting up one in Iloilo City. At that time, he was already running his two successful restaurants – Afriques and Escas.
“It took me two years to realize my dream of opening a brunch cafe,” Miguel said, referring to DoVa’s La Paz branch which Ilonggos welcomed with open arms, or better yet, eager taste buds. The second branch, DoVa Megaworld at the Iloilo Business Park, opened this year.

One fine night, Miguel gathered selected Iloilo bloggers to have a taste of what DoVa has to offer. It was my first time to step inside DoVa but I already heard that their food is utterly divine but pricey. But after experiencing it myself, I could say…

Manny Librodo photography: a landscape of emotions

Many of award-winning photographer Manny Librodo’s students told him they wanted to be like him.
His response? “Be your own photographer. Find your own style. People will always remember you. Work with a lot of passion.”
Manny Librodo, a native of Lambunao, Iloilo used to be a nobody in the photography world but he was already looking at beautiful photographs in airline magazines, wishing that he, too can become a good photographer.

Armed with passion and a point and shoot camera, he took photos of Bangkok (where he resides now) and his European travels and posted them online. These photos have gone viral without his knowledge and before he knew it, he is already famous.
“I posted on and waited daily for comments from viewers. I received feedback including suggestions to join competitions. There was even a time when my photo would earn about one million views in a day. Without the internet, I won’t be where I am now,” he told bloggers covering his exhibit “Landscape of Emotions”…